Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pocky Day

November 13, 2011

OK, so this is gonna have to be quick because we get less time to email here in Kariya.  Kariya is pretty great. Elder Kishi is a complete goof. If Ramsey were Japanese, he would be Elder Kishi for sure.  He is a goof and it's fun to work with him, he's not as hard of a worker as Elder Hollister is but we`re gonna make it! The apartment is awesome. We have four people that live in our apartment, a bean and Elder Hiruta! We were in the MTC together and I love him, he`s so awesome and funny.   It really is way fun.  Japanese all the time is tough, but I can already see improvement.  They speak very good English though, so if I can't get a sentence I just say it in English and they understand most of the time.  It's all fun though.  the apartment is very big, 7th floor, has a park across the street we go play like soccer, basketball, catch, and frisbee every morning, but there is a train track behind the apartment that goes off all the time. Other than that it's great. They can all really cook, so that's fun. and there's a workout room so that's a bonus.  I actually really like nato! Everyday for breakfast: nato, tuna, and rice haha.
Last Monday was a complete frenzy, I was running all over packing and writing meishis (notes on the back of business cards) for people.  It was a mess. I already know a few things I left behind. Haha that's ok though, it's not too hard to get.

So since I have 3 roommates who can't speak much English, I had to teach eikeiwa (English class)! It was a literal disaster. The people in the class can't speak English at all so they didn't help at all.  And the elders didn't tell me how they do the class, so the whole time I was just wingin' it and the class people had problems the whole time.  One very nice lady said that I just barely got here so give me a break. That was nice.  I was so frustrated haha.  I can already see improvement in my Japanese. its hard in lessons because they speak Japanese to each other and it's hard to keep up.  But it will come.

So Friday was Pocky day (11/11/11)! So yes we had a huge party. I would send pictures, but it's a public computer so I can't connect it.  Sorry.  We had so much Pocky (chocolate covered pretezel sticks).  Like $20 worth. We played ping pong and ate Pocky with an investigator. It was way fun. Nihonjin (Japanese) are super weird, but it was way fun!
We had stake conference yesterday.  President Baird and Elder Stevensen of the Seventy spoke.  I got to see people from Kasugai! It was awesome and a pretty fun, relaxing day.  So as you can see, besides moving and the people, nothing special really happened.  I was told something really cool by Elder Hollister. He had someone tell him that right when he gets off the plane from Japan to go to the temple.  He said after the session to report how the mission was and just talk to the Lord.  That was something really cool that I wanna do!  I love you all, thanks for all the love, support and prayers!

Elder Parry

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