Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bad Weather

February 24, 2013

Hey wait a second, why is Grandma doing chemotherapy? I feel like this is big news that somehow never made it my way. Is she gonna be alright? What's wrong with her?

Well yes, February is the snowiest time of the year here in Takaoka, and it seems to be the slowest time for the work too. No one is out and no one will let us in to talk to them because it is too snowy, windy, and cold. Even our investigators seem to have the same attitude. Kind of slow right now with the work.

We had a crazy Tuesday, Elder de Oliveira lost his money card, so we rode around town looking for it. Then we both sent packages off and the post office messed up on the receipts and all that post office crap several times and we had to go back there 3-4 times while we rode around looking for the card haha.

It has just been straight blizzard here all week. Can't see more than five feet in front of you and it has caused a series of new punks and drama for my wonderful "Blue Steel" (the bike). I'm gonna make that bike last for another three months then it will not be my problem haha. It's actually in very good shape. Better than most of the missionaries--even younger ones.

We did an exchange this week and I went to Toyama. It turned out to be a very good one. We got some good work done in both areas. I talked a lot with the Toyama elder, who is my District Leader. He asked me what I have learned from the mission the most. It was weird for me to think about it because I am finally old enough for a younger missionary to ask me that question. I told him three things: myself, God's will, and God's time. It really gave me some motivation to end really strong and be able to go out on top (like my man Ray Lewis woot woot).

We helped some Brazilians in the ward move apartments. It was pretty fun, it's always fun being with all of them even though I don't understand a lot. I can pick up what they are talking about, but nothing in particular. We had a crazy day at church. A solid potential came and started going off and saying Japanese people are "big poops" and that Satan doesn't exist and it's just people. The Bible is a "word of crap" and on and on and on. It was crazy. Not really a strong potential investigator anymore haha. We did do a Missionary Fireside after church. It went alright. Not a lot of people came and I wasn't feeling it with the Japanese haha.

Well, this week was cold, wet, and fast. I have a couple favors: if you can, teeth whitener and a Yankees baseball like the ones we got from stadiums. and last, could you send me some simple, healthy breakfast ideas? Never know what to do to start my day right.

Love you like a fat kid loves chocolate!

Elder Parry

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Visit to Takayama

This is a picture of Elder Parry at the church building in Takayama.  Takayama was Craig's first area when he was on his mission.  We think they are using the same building all these years later.   Takayama is a beautiful city high in the mountains.
February 17, 2013


Sorry so late today. We went to Toyama and went to a dinosaur museum and planetarium with the elders over there. It was pretty fun, but it is super rainy and cold right now. Makes things a little bit miserable.

So, speaking of cold, it had snowed way way hard this whole week. It was so miserable. I tried to get back to the apartment by 7:30 because it just got too cold and we couldn't even see three feet in front of us biking in the middle of the day. It was crazy.

So I had some unlucky, funny moments this week. We played pictionary in Eikaiwa and this lady thought I wrote "chikan" instead of "chan". Chikan means groper or pervert. So she drew a very awkward looking picture that got me super worried. Then we were housing and the Brazilian food from the night before was doing me wrong, so I ran to the closest convenience store. As I was using the bathroom, a lady opened my door and walked in. Man, I didnt know japanese peoples' eyes could get that big! Haha it was super funny. Pretty embarrassing though. Went back to housing and a bunch of doors said, "to any other religions, don't piss me off" in Portuguese. So we weren't really welcomed there haha.

Guess where we went on Friday? Takayama! Went down there for our first DTM. It was way fun, two trains of three hours and we were stuck there for five hours cuz we missed our train. So we had a snowball fight, ate out, and went to a close ashiyu. It was so fun. The church is in like an old house. It was pretty funny being there and I was so happy.

Well, Sunday was lower key finally.  We found a new investigator and found a solid black potential investigator! Things are good though. I love you all so much and thanks for everything! Today is Jake's birthday! WOOOO

Love the Boob

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy Sunday

February 10, 2013


Well we had transfer calls and nothing is changing here. Actually Takayama is going to be an elder area and dinkel is going there...and tha'ts my district.  But it sounds like you guys had crazy. Are the dogs doing ok? I'm glad that Thomas and Louie get to spend time with each other. And I hope the football works out for them.

Well we had one of our best weeks since I got here to Takaoka. We had a lot of lessons and met with a lot of people. On Tuesday, we were supposed to go on an exchange and it didn't happen. So, we just tried to have a fun day and ended up meeting a bunch of people. We both came home and were happy with how we did.

We had a zone conference this week that was way awesome. We talked about the addiction recovery program that we have been working on. I had to translate for most of it and got way tired. President Baird is an inspired man but he loves to use words that I don't understand in English and gets way too deep into a lot of doctrine. But it was a really good and helpful for myself. Lately President has been helping us with things on how to improve and help ourselves so that we can help others better. It has really helped me as I come up on the end of the mission.

I did an exchange with Elder Petersen in Toyama and had a way fun time. He kept forgetting things and messing up on things. It made it a very entertaining for us.

We had a crazy day at church. taught the plan of salvation and a message on the spot for the last two hours. And I gave a talk that wasn't the greatest. But we had five lessons in church and a bunch of people came. It was crazy. I was so tired when I left church.

Well, I have 16 weeks left, crazy. Time is comin and just keeps flyin. I love you guys a ton and thanks for all your love and prayers!

the elder parry

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Letterman Jacket

February 3, 2013

Hey mom, I want to come and do the morning workout routine with you when I get home is that ok? I would like to pick up swimming and try to do some more cardio stuff. You can have a buddy to swim with. Even though you will beat me haha.

This week was a lot better than the last few. Our number of lessons is still lower than I would like, but it was a solid week. We found two new investigators and they both are Japanese! One I found housing.  She and her 6-year-old son love it when we come over. Then the other one came to Eikaiwa and De Oliveira teaches him Spanish now and we share short messages with him. They are two very solid investigators and two people I can talk too weeeeeee!

Here is some fun for this week too, Nancy, Karen and Chiaki came and visited and we went out to eat and went and saw a few sites with them. It was so great to see them! Then I did an exchange with Ashcroft on Friday! That was way fun. We actually had a funny experience together. We were walking to the Toyama church from the station and two policemen stopped us. They took our foreigner cards and took all our information down. Asked a few questions, then just left haha. I think they pulled us over just because we were two foreigners. Completely prejudiced.

So cool story, on Thursday after one of our lessons, we were riding our bikes back to the apartment and we saw a second hand store and I felt for some reason to go in. We went in and looked around. de Oliveira has told me he has always wanted a lettermen jacket but they are too expensive and none his size. After some time, I found an all black one that was 3XL! I looked at the price and it was only $15! I was so surprised and so happy for him! His face lit up and he was so happy for the rest of the day. He hasn't taken it off yet. The Spirit works in mysterious ways.

A member from Takayama took us to get all-you-can-eat BBQ at a Brazilian place. That was way fun. Then we made tacoyaki at a members house last night. I bore my testimony on my conversion story and the parents were in tears and the Spirit was just so strong. It was a truly special moment for all of us.

Hope things are going well, sounds like they are. Got four months from today. I love you all so much and thanks for all you do for me! GO RAVENS!!!

Elder Boob