Sunday, November 6, 2011


Sounds like a great week from home!

OK, transfers were this morning, drum roll......................................................I got transferred to Kariya. Kinda disappointed, but I know I am supposed to go there. I got a companion who speaks no English....yes, NO English. I don't know what to do haha.  But the Lord knows it will work out, so I'm just gonna do my best.

We had the baptism yesterday and it was awesome! Tan Kyodai is so awesome. He was so happy and he shared his testimony and was just smiling and all over the place. When he got the Holy Ghost, it was so awesome, I like felt it ran down my arms into him.  That was such an awesome experience.  In fact on Saturday, he invited us over to his place to check it out. While we were over there, his roommate was asking us questions and he became a new investigator! He said when he gets baptized he wants Tan to do it.  Good thing I won't be there...this week was really awesome though.
We had a waffle party on Saturday, that made me really happy. I have a question, could you send me some pictures of me playing football and baseball? Like real photo copies please, those would be fun to show people.

Other than the baptism, I can't really think of anything that really stands out for this past week. We went and blew up air bags at a members house, that was fun. They go flying haha!
I'm doin' pretty good though. Pretty nervous for the next six weeks. It will be baptism by fire. I don't really have a solid ground in Japanese, so I'm really nervous. I'm just gonna be packing today and trying to write letters I haven't been able to write for a few weeks. We have had to wear suits and it's still bloody hot, so that's no fun. Man, me and Elder Hollister had a great time. I was praying we'd stay together this next transfer. It's ok though it will work out.
Sorry this email isn't as long, I don't have a lot to say. I love everything a lot and miss y'all!

Elder Parry

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