Thursday, December 15, 2011

Visit from a Seventy

December 11, 2011

Are you kidding me?! Pujols to the Angels!?!? That is just crazy. That's not as big of a deal as I thought he was gonna sign for.  He's in the AL now, tough goin'. I want the AL to come back and be the best league again.  I'm done with this NL crap haha, sounds pretty exciting.  I had no idea that Europe was even on anyone's minds.  A ton of Japanese people here want to go to Germany.  I think that's a weird tourist attraction.  But whatever, they all want to.

I'm glad everything at home is going well, this was for sure a week to remember.  We had Elder Gary E. Stevenson come talk to our mission last Wednesday.  We all got to meet and talk to him before.  His wife is a Higley (Sam's teacher's husbands are her brothers) so it was a great connection.  They said they love the area where we live.  She wanted to move there, but he got called an area 70 so they live in Tokyo haha, quite a difference.  The meeting was amazing though.  I seriously have the best mission president anyone could have.  He brought the spirit in so strong and it was so great to listen.  Elder Stevenson was the best too.  He said a lot of things that were answers to my prayers. Those experiences are ones that I will never forget.

So next a quick sidenote, I was looking at the conference Liahona, and Dad, is that your friend Henry from Colombia? It's in the first half. I saw it and knew it looked familiar.  And another thing, some people from the Okazaki Ward yesterday said you were in a Liahona years ago and that you are famous. What is this?! Awesome, my dad is famous everywhere.

We had a pretty fun ping pong party with some investigators and recent converts.  I am getting so good haha, it was a lot of fun though.  Japanese are way good at it. They consider it a sport, pathetic.

Elder Heo got a $150 package of kimchee the other day.  It smells awful.  He was so excited.  He said it was real. I had it and it tasted no different from any kimchee I had had.  Everything smelled so awful.  Yesterday, I had a drink of milk and it tasted like kimchee.  I got super angry.  You know what I do when I'm angry, I took all the kimchee and threw it out on the deck and said to him in a raised voice to never bring the kimchee back in the apartment.  He was bummed and angry all day, but the other elders were really happy I did it too.  Japanese people are too conservative.

I went on a pretty fun exchange on Friday.  I went with Elder Kekaouha.  He is from Hawaii and he goes home next week so I was his last exchange.  It was a lot of fun.  He served in Kariya for a while, so we visited people he wanted to see and did TIM TAM SLAMS! Best things ever.

Saturday, I had to take him back to Nonami, then go to Toyohashi, then to Meito and back home.  So since you don't know how long this is, it was about 7 hours on a train and almost $70 of train tickets.  It was a very long day.  But it was fun to go around and see places.  I have been to every area of this zone. Pretty cool.

We went to go watch the Christmas devotional yesterday.  Good thing we only made it for President Monson's talk and I was the only English speaker.  It kinda made me angry, Japanese people have the worst sense of time. Yes, worse than Mormons and Polys, haha oh well. As you can see it was a pretty fun week.  I love you all, haven't got the package yet.  Enjoy Europe and home, talk to you soon!

Elder Parry

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