Friday, July 15, 2011

District Inventory

July 15, 2011

Hey familia!

Elder Barton left on Monday :( I was so bummed, but it's great for him that he gets to go out and serve the people of Argentina Mendoza. He will be an AWESOME missionary.  He has motivated me in multiple ways to be a better missionary and leave no area with any regrets. I'm excited to see him in about 22 months and we can call ourselves returned missionaries and won't be able to understand each other haha.  We took a picture of everyone from our BYU ward before he left, that'll come home on the next SD card.  We got a new district leader on Sunday.  It was Elder Ellsworth.  He'll be an awesome district leader.   That day was very frustrating for me.  We do a district inventory every week and one person leaves the class and the rest of the people have to figure out something for them to improve.  I might've already told you that.  But some Elders hate it cuz they say they don't want to change as people and they're just straight up stubborn!  It makes me so sad and frustrated.  Even disappointed!  We're out here to change not only other people, but ourselves.  We might be the people that God intended on us being when we arrived, but we aren't even close to what he has intended for us when we finish.  Some of the stuff they don't want to do is just so immature.  Like for example, we asked one to ask people nicely to stop something or when they correct them, one had a personal space problem and told them to respect others in that sense, and another we told to put away childish things and he says he doesn't want to grow up!  I just don't understand!  I feel like I've been extremely patient and worked really hard on it, but I'm almost to the point where they need to do something.  Those same people don't like Elder Ellsworth and I feel like he might be fighting to gain the respect he should already have.  Maybe if you guys could throw my district into your prayers that would be appreciated.
So cool story, Elder Batis had to get his knee scoped.  So I went with him.  Haha.  It was hilarious.  He was so weird after the surgery. He kept trying to leave and was freaking out about going home and that he was naked.  He also didn't remember he had a girlfriend and he got so excited.  He force fed me a juice pack.  It was just a funny experience.  It was cool too cuz he had to exact same surgery I had three months ago.  It was hilarious.  When people asked where the surgery was, we said it was in New York and had this huge story goin!  We said that dad was providing SkyMiles, it was a family doctor, we were staying in the New York mission home, and we were going to the Manhattan Temple.  O my gosh everyone fell for it!   Elder Ellsworth prayed for us to have a safe flight to New York.  It was soooo funny. We had our whole zone believing us.
We also had ANOTHER new roommate move in.  He's elder Unice from Pleasant Grove.  He came back after a 7 month medical release, and he's 23 years old.  He's really goofy, but I like him a lot.
So dad, that article that you sent me about Joseph Smith, was written by my Book of Mormon teacher! Haha crazy huh?  It's a very awesome article tho. Elder Ellsworth has read it and it has helped out a lot.
So I had yet another adventurous day on Wednesday.  Elder Batis had to go do physical therapy and a check up.  A trip that was SUPPOSED to take an hour and a half that turned into 5 HOURS. Ya it was pretty ridiculous.   They had SportCenter on so I saw the highlights from the All Star game. Haha.  Seemed like an alright game.  Prince Fielder MVP, AL needs to step it up. haha.

Yesterday was a really tough day.  I got sick with a sore throat, headache, and runny nose.  It was hard to concentrate, but like I said in my farewell talk, Lou Gehrig didn't have any days off, neither do I.  I just need to pray harder and have faith God will give me the strength to press forward.
Funny story, me and Ashcroft Choro have made a list of things to do when we get back. haha  It includes: jousting on bikes, paint balling, Seinfeld marathon, boating, and more! Haha.  Just thought that would put a smile on all y'all's faces.

I love you all, thanks for everything.  I always love hearing from you mom and dad. I hope that I will be able to speak to you when I get back dad.   Haha.  If you guys pick me up I want to hike Mt Fuji.  Like I want to do that way bad.  Haha.  Mom, I love you.  I owe everything I am to you.

Until next week,
Gambatte kudasai,
Parry Choro!

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