Friday, July 8, 2011

MTC Softball MVP?

So once again, I have figured out how to do the long email again haha. So first off, I made my first tie trade since coming to the MTC! I have actually made 3...haha.  I did the first one with Elder Barton, then Elder Ashcroft, then finally with Elder Sonntag. Very good trades, I guess you can call me a business man, haha.

Thanks for the huge packages! They are great, I have to share food cuz I don´t wanna gain too much weight. Those actually were the wrong shoes...haha. I wanted just like the casual black slip on shoes, not the church shoes. I'll send those home later when I need to send stuff home, thanks tho!
We had a special Fourth of July devotional last Saturday and it was sooo awesome! They had Obama´s right hand man come speak to us. He talked about what the soldiers do and what the armies have done to give us freedom through God to restore the church. It was awesome. They did a slideshow clip of all the missions and everyone cheered for their mission. The polys went crazy of course. After the clip was done everyone stood up and went crazy! It was so awesome. After, they had a flag ceremony for all the countries represented by people in the MTC. Our zone had four flags. we had some holding the Japan flag, Cananda flag, one of the Munro twins held the Australian flag, and Elder Sonntag carried the American Flag. it was soooo cool! it was a lot of fun, I´ll send those picutres home.

On Sunday, all the kohai sang a special rendition of ¨god be with you til we meet again¨ the power had been out in the whole building til we started singing the song, it was so great. The spirit was so strong. Elder Sonntag climbed over chairs to get to me and gave me a huge hug and said, while he was crying, ¨that was the best song I´ve heard in the MTC. It was a very bittersweet moment.
All the Senpai left Monday morning, i think it really sucks. Some of my best friends here were in tHat group. Elder Everett has to stay a few more weeks cuz he broke his thumb on Saturday. I feel so bad for him, remember him in your prayers.
We have started practicing doing the first lesson in Japanese. It was miserable the first time. I didn´t say like anything. Andrus and Mortensen Sensei have really helped us and done drills with us. I feel more confident each one we do. Our lesson will be very simple haha.

How is your guy´s vacation? Remember when I mentioned that thing about the tie? Don't worry about it, I don't need it. If you did get it sure go ahead and send it, but if you didn't please don't worry about it.

We had Jenny Oaks Baker come speak to us and play the violin. She is amazing! Have Caroline listen to her, I know Caroline could be that good if she practiced!
We told Andrus Sensei that Mortensen Shimai had an undying love and burning desire for him as a joke. Andrus thought we were serious and he got wayyyy scared. It was one of the funniest things since being here! So Wednesday I saw ELDER CARROLL!!! I was soo happy to see him haha he looked excited and scared. I talked with him for a while. We live in the same building and have the same gym time! It's so awesome I love it.

Breaking news, we got a third companion! He was a senpai and had to stay cuz he has to get surgery on his meniscus. He is from Meridian Idaho, his name is Batis Choro, and he loves the Oregon Ducks. We talked about college football and the sports world for like an hour the other day, I had to go to Babylon (outside world) with him so he could get a check up. He's way cool. He will be a great relief when it comes to Elder Dinkel.

I got a package from the Allen's, so great. it had pictures from boating and a few little snacks! By the way, Everett Choro gets to head to Japan so our prayers were answered quickly haha.

We did a district inventory this week. One elder has to leave the room and the rest of the district have to come up with something that elder needs to work on for the next week. I had mentioned that I have a hard time saying my morning prayers and that's the goal they gave me! It's awesome.

Have you read what Elder Barton said in the newsletter? Oh my goodness it was quite an eye opener. I don't think I have been slacking off, but it motivated me to work even harder and to never have any regrets when I leave an area. I talked about that in our district meeting yesterday and I motivated most of the elders to work harder. Ellsworth Choro said I was gonna be the next district leader. That would be pretty cool.

You know, here in the MTC, I have realized how important baseball was to me. I had a lot of different situations that have helped me as a missionary. I have learned how to fail and appreciate the good. I have learned how to be patient with a teammate (now my doryo), and the big one is, I have learned to have a great attitude. I love it here. If I have a great attitude, everything will be better: learning the language, difficult and different companion, and enduring to the end.

So yesterday, Mortensen Shimai told us to pair up with someone and do a baptism commitment. I paired up with Ellsworth Choro. I taught him and for some reason I thought I should share D&C 18:10 to him. After the task was done, he said that was a verse he really needed to hear for himself. I guess I got a spiritual prompting and acted on it. He did the same thing when he taught me and shared Corinthians 10:13 with me. Pretty awesome experience.

Hey I'm so glad to hear how awesome your vacation is! Sorry I'm not writing personal letters, I'm running short on stamps, so here you go:

Jake: I'm so glad to hear how awesome your summer is! Live it up, that's like one of the best summers I had. Work hard and have no regrets. Do whatever the coaches tell you. Work even harder and have fun so you can be examples to the younger players. It makes a big deal I promise. I can't believe you're a senior.

Caroline/Hansel: It is always a pleasure to hear from you! Sorry I'm not better in replying. I'm so glad to hear how everything is! Always work hard, go about doing good with a smile on your face. You'll love high school. Take advantage of Jake and his friends, they will be a big part of your high school experience.

Sam: Thanks for all the updates! I love hearing them. GO YANKS!!! Haha remember to send pictures and an article when Jeter hits the mark. I always love hearing about golf. When I get back, I promise I'll take you up on a game and we can go and just be boys haha. Keep working hard, always help mom out, she is the best example and friend to you.

Isaac: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuup big guy? How's the hiking comin? You're the man, keep playin ball and you can come play golf with me and Sam, you guys will trash on me haha. Hey guess what,Ii went 8-8 in a softball game this week haha.  I've got a hit in the last like 20ish at-bats haha. I set the MTC record for farthest hit, it went something like 350 feet. Ya no big deal right? You'll just crush that record when you get here haha.

Kazoku, ai shite imasu. You guys are the best. Take care in the wonderful land of glacier. Yhanks for everything. I love ya. On a quick note MOM: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BECKY DARLIN! Just imagine my wonderful, monotoned, yelling, singing for that. P.S. it's Elder Carroll's birthday on the 16th!
Love you all, gambatte kudasai,
Elder shortBOOB Parry

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