Sunday, August 21, 2011


 Elder Soliai (Elder Heimuli's cousin) & Elder Parry
 Parry Choro & President and Sister Baird

The Bairds, Parry Choro & The Shinodas

Well hello from the Land of the Rising Sun! Sorry this letter will probably be very sloppy, these keyboards are tough.  Haha, well I absolutely love it here!  I'll start off by saying that my Mission President is the COOLEST EVER.  He and his wife are the best.  They are so nice and so fun! He is fun but still wants to work hard.  I'm gonna love him so much by the end.  My comp is Elder Hollister from Colorado Springs.  He went to the Air Force Academy.  He's so awesome and always wants to work hard! I really like him, he's so fun and just a great friend.  OK now for my area....Kasugai! (A suburb of Nagoya)  I love this place, the people are so nice and this is just a great area.  The bishop got all excited when he found out who Dad was.  His name is Bishop Ishikawa.  Speaking of church, we got an unexpected visit from two people, the Mission President and the Shinodas! It was crazy, it was cool to see them and have all of us talk together.

So I arrived in Japan! It's absolutely great here.  We started off the mission field great when right off the plane I was welcomed by Elder Heimuli`s cousin, Elder Soliai! He took me and Elder Ellsworth and we did missionary work on a train.  We placed three Books of Mormon! This stuff is fun! To make things even better, the mission home lost all our baggage and I had to wear the same shirt, tie, pants, and garments for 6 days! It was absolutely wonderful...haha it all worked out though.  So the first lesson we gave here, my comp said "all I want you to do is commit them to baptism." So we taught a whole lesson and I committed them to baptism and two of them accepted! It was the coolest thing ever! The mom and the son will be baptized on September 18.  Then on Sunday my comp said the same thing.  So we taught a lesson and I did it and he accepted! I love this!

I`ve had some great stuff to eat: octopus, ramen, squid, on (this is when they put beans in a popsicle, I know I think it`s awful too), yakisoba, and calpis! Haha, a lot of the food is gross, but some is really good! This is just so fun and I love it.
I had to order a bike because nothing here is my size in anything! Haha so I have to borrow this bike from the store that's a yellow girls bike with a basket and the high handles haha.  Isn`t this just so great? Work hard and have fun!

Don`t worry about me, everything is fine haha.  I love it here.  You`ll get a lot more details when I send home my journals.  I`m not sure where everyone else was sent.  But the Mission President gave us permission to start visiting the Shinodas, so we`ll see how that goes and try to get her to come back to church and maybe get him baptized! I`ll be on here for about another hour so hurry and email back if you want something specific! love you all!

Elder Parry


  1. Calpis is my favorite drink in the world! And the red bean popsicles aren't that bad.. I like them in Mochi:) Can I get Elder Parry's address so I can send him a letter please? :) Thanks!!

  2. How exciting to be in the same area and see the Shinodas. They were so very good to your Dad so I am sure they are wonderful people. It is perfect that you are there because you have a better chance of reaching them than anyone else would.

  3. Lisa, the mission home address is posted at the top of Evan's blog. That's where we send letters and packages.

    Claudine, read the next entry about the Shinodas. I guess all things happen for a reasonn...