Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Letter From the MTC!

OOOOOOH MY GOSHHHH, I LEAVE MONDAY.  Haha how crazy is that? I can't believe it's here. I can't believe I've been here almost 12 weeks. It has been a great experience, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have made some great friends, gone through a few companions, and learned quite a lot. How great is this? I am so excited to get to Japan, but I will miss the MTC a little bit. So Detroit, that still is crazy. We leave the MTC at 4 am and get to Japan at 6:30 their time the next day. The rest of the Elders and Sisters in the Zone leave at 10 and get there at 4:45. Haha quite a long day. But I get to eat some junk food at the airport :) I'm gonna miss most the Elders from my district, others not so much haha. Even though I don't know this language that well, I'm just gonna go and have confidence and do my best. I'm big and a guigene, that equals to be the man! haha ;).

So last Saturday was the best gym ever! We played softball so that was fun. I was 3-3. But I was talking to Gubler Choro out in the field and I said an ongoing joke about Stevensen Shimai and as a joke she threw her glove at me but it missed me and hit Gubler Choro square in the head! Haha that was the best throw she's ever made! haha.  Then Mano Shimai hit a ball and was running around the bases and she's a short Japanese girl so her legs were just movin at super speed haha it was so funny. Then when we were walking back, Stott Shimai was running all over the place because she had so much energy then she slipped and face planted into the grass haha it was so funny.

Sunday was really fun, except for not eating haha. But I led the music in sacrament meeting, I did awful. I'm already bad at leading, then I had to sing in Japanese too. All the Nihongin in the back were doing the hand motion for me to follow haha it was funny and embarrassing. I bore my testimony in complete Japanese. My favorite Nihongin, Onishi Choro, was in the back making faces and saying "you can do it" haha it was distracting but fun.
During the mission conference for the whole MTC, Elder Dinkel and three others sang Be Still My Soul with Ellsworth Choro playing the piano. It was pretty good!

Multiple people have come to me and said I'm lookin good and asked if I've lost weight. So on Monday I decided to weigh myself  Drumroll.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................I've lost 15 pounds! I love it haha. I have been trying but not trying too hard. So I bet I can get to my goal of 185 by the end of my mission.
Monday night during the ¨wind down¨ hour, I decided to wear my onsie haha. Everyone loved it. The Nohingin were laughing soooo hard. They were just lovin it. Everyone wanted picutres and I was just chillin writing in my journal haha it was a lot of fun. Really funny to hear the Nihongin laugh about it and make jokes that I could partially understand.

We had our last Tuesday devotional, we had the great President of BYU, CECIL come speak. His talk was really short but I loved it. He stressed on how grateful members are for us and to certain things to always remember to do and be as a missionary.

So we talked Andrus Sensei into to getting us cupcakes. So he mailed them to us and we got them on Tuesday. I got a root beer float cupcake. SOOO GOOD. It's called like Sweet Tooth Cupcake in Orem. Anyone down in these neck of the woods, hit it up.
Hey guess who I saw come in, Elder Taggart! Haha I saw multiple people actually: Elders Dunshee, Gillett, Adams, Maxwell, and Prawitt. It was great to see them, I'm satisfied with this being the last group of new kids to come in.

We said bye to both our senseis yesterday. It was a very bittersweet moment. I have loved having them teach me here in the MTC. It really has been such a great experience.

OK, let's clear this up: those haircut pictures were from BYU. NOT HERE!!! Don't you remember when I got that? Come on y'all think haha.

I am pretty excited to head out. We're doing an in-field orientation today where we just have a bunch of workshops and have people from the "District" ( a missionary movie) come teach us. So far it's really fun. I am just ready to get rid of some of the people in my district. This was a way awesome district, but there are people that I am just seriously soooo sick of. They'll be good missionaries, but I don't care one bit if I never see them again.

So sorry I might not have all the questions answered, you can ask whatever questions you want when I call. No one really told me what to do about calling so I can talk to everyone, so I hope it all works out. Thanks so much for all the letters and support! I've loved everything I've received. Nothing has gone unnoticed, I just get way busy so I'm sorry if you didn't get a reply. I love you all! I love all you and always hope for the best, I'll talk to all you later! :)

Yours truly,
Elder Parry

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  1. If his "onsie" is footed pj's, then he and Zach truly are friends! We made Zach leave his home but we're going to put on all of his favorite clothes and take a picture & send it to him! He will get a kick out of it! Sounds like Elder Parry is excited for Japan! Zach loves it!