Friday, August 5, 2011

Travel Plans!

August 5, 2011


So how are things? Things are pretty genki here.  Could you do me a favor and tell me all the details I need to know about bikes in Japan? That would be much appreciated. I can't think of any treats for the plane. Anything that I can take on a plan and munch on I guess. You should also watch the Mormon message called "The Only True God" by Holland, Dad's in that one a lot too hahah.

So I put a whole new meaning on companionship inventory last week. OK, I really didn't, I just had an intense one last Saturday. But after it I appreciate the love Elder Dinkel and I have a lot more.
So funny story, remember all the Jack Black look-a-like photos we did before I left? Everyone I have shown the picture from my passport has thought I looked like Jack Black haha. We all picked actors for each other to play us in a movie. They picked Jack Black for me from then they picked Eric Bana for me.  Haha I don't see that connection really well.

Japanese is coming and we are very close to lift off. I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't scared at all. I'm pretty scared, the first while is gonna be hard, but I know that everything will get better. I don't have any worries.
We had a way cool Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. I gave the sacrament talk. It was hard but a lot of fun in Japanese. We also had the MTC president, President Brown, join our meeting. Mack Kyodai gave a story during his talk about his daughter. When she was nine years old, she was crying uncontrollably and it wasn't a normal cry. They took her in and found nothing, but thought it could be a broken shoulder, so they splinted her arm. Days later it got worse, so they took her temperature and it was 106! They ran her to the hospital and found out she has an infection that was eating away the bone in her shoulder. They did an emergency surgery and fixed it. They said the bone would never come back. Weeks later at a check up, they found the bone came back and she has never had problems with it again to this day. That's just so amazing. Makes me think of what happened with me when I was younger. God puts His hands to work for faithful parents and people. He knew that she had a purpose to be healed. So now I know I have a purpose because I was fixed.

I finished the Gospels and now I am currently reading the Miracle of Forgiveness. It's amazing. I love it. It's intense though, there are a lot of eye opener moments in that book.  We taught all the Nihongin how to say "waaaaaaaaassssssup my main man" and "That's the way the cookie crumbles" and "chubba lub" hahaha it's so funny hearing them say it. All the Choros keep saying them to the shimai haha.

So, I have a really big favor. It's ok if you can't do it but the Follands told me I need to get my Jim Miller plumbing shirt sent to me. Apparently he has pictures of people around the world with the shirts on. Haha, I know it's at grandma's house in the storage. If that's not too much, that would be really awesome.

I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS! This is crazy, you won't even believe it. We fly to Detroit at 7:30 in the morning. We get there at 1:00 their time. Then we fly straight to Nagoya at 4:00. So I'll get to call from Detroit. This is exciting. I can't believe it. I'm a little sad because every other mission is going directly to Tokyo on the same flight, so it'll just be us. Oh well, we get to go to Detroit too haha. That will be such a long flight haha. So expect a call around 11:30ish.

So how are things? Thanks so much for the package! The shirt was sweet!!! And I love the cookies! Haha, everyone loved them, haha thanks so much. I can't think of anything particular for the flight. I might be tight on space. So you know what I like, just get whatever and I know I'll be happy either way.
I love you all so much, thanks for all the love and support. You guys are amazing. I can't wait to leave and call you guys! Tell me how I need to go about that if I need to call anyone separately. If I need to call anyone separately other than mom and dad, let me know what numbers to use. Thanks for everything. being out here on the mission is just absolutely amazing.

One love,
Elder Parry

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