Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Baptism

September 18, 2011
We had the Ito Kazoku baptism yesterday!!! It was awesome! I was able to do Kan`s baptism.  It was a great experience.  They have been investigators for seven years and they said they were both extremely happy yesterday after and during the meeting.  It was so awesome.  It is truly a blessing to see someone enter through the gate on the path to eternal life and better things to come.

We taught an investigator whose husband is inactive.  And the whole time he was saying that she could never understand the scriptures and the church just drags you in to make you do work. he said you can't run away from the church. I thought it was ridiculous.  I was actually very frustrated.  But I guess that's how it is.

So we had an adventurous day on Wednesday.  We had a zone training, so we went to the honbu (mission home) on our bikes.  Halfway, Elder Hollister's chain broke in half and we had no idea where an eki (train station) was, so we walked and asked people for about an hour and a half and finally made it. It was extremely hot that day.  We got to the training like 2 hours late haha it was crazy.  I did teach a lesson to a nihongin (native Japanese) there, so I had to do it in Japanese or nothing, it went great! I taught so simply, because I had too haha, but it went amazing.  He asked me what transfer I was on and I said first and he gave me a huge hug.  It was an awesome experience and blessing.

We had a member, Fukunaga Kyodai, need a blessing.  So we gave him one and he healed like right up! He was so happy he took us out to a big dinner. We had udon and tempura.  Love that stuff.  He was so awesome and he's way awesome.  He works with cars and loves football.  I would think he was Hawaiian before Japanese.

I did get the package thank you very much! Next one, could I get some teri sauce? Sweet, thanks haha, it was great though.  Sam`s room looks so awesome! That's so much better than mine was haha.  Could you send a picture of Matt and Celeste for me for my album? Thanks.  And could someone PLEASE tell me how my Pirates team did? It's been 4 months and I've asked 5 times and nothing.

Thanks for everything again! This is amazing and love it!

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  1. Gak! I had family pictures taken for this express purpose! They are so great, let me just get my photographer to email me a few, she started a masters program this month, so that's why they've been slow. I'll get on it.