Sunday, September 25, 2011

Typhoon Roke

September 25, 2011


Yes, the typhoon was ridiculous! Haha we had to stay inside all day Wednesday.  I never left the apartment, it was miserable.  But last Monday night when it started, we were about 12 miles away from the apartment and it started before we headed back, so ya we got soaked haha.  And on Tuesday we went to visit a less active and went through a puddle about 18 inches high and the less active was like 'What are you doing here!? Are you idiots?  Go home!' Haha it was funny. We had to do some volunteer work the next day because the river next to our place overflowed (it had to raise 20 feet to overflow) and that's not even the end of the river. Haha, it was pretty crazy but fun.  So that's the typhoon

Moshi moshi! How is everyone?! Things are great here in the Land of the Rising Sun! Last week I had my first baptism! They are the Ito family and they have been investigators for seven years.  They are the ones we committed in my first lesson.  It was awesome and they were just so happy.  The mom was tearing up when she received the Holy Ghost.  Let me tell ya, church will never be the same until I go home.  People are all over the place, it's all in Japanese (big surprise), we had a drunk guy come (he became an investigator) with his barking dogs.  It's so crazy, and hot haha.

So remember how we had to teach a lesson during p-day last week? He committed to baptism! So it was worth having a shorter p-day.  He was so happy and excited to do it. The baptism is on October 30.  We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he said tobacco would be hard, but he really wants to do it.  He is just so happy and willing.  I taught the Word of Wisdom and it was awesome.  My Japanese made an improvement this week.

That makes me so happy Jake'ss friends did that, haha (Jake's friends made Becky go out on the dance floor at homecoming, where she was chaperoning, and they made a circle around here while chanting her name).  I'm so happy to hear everything from home is going so great! We had a way fun district meeting in Nakatsugawa.  We had to wait for some elders, so we went to the undo kai (school field day) and it was fun to watch! We met some investigators who were so funny and joking around.  They were so nice, they paid for us to go get yakisoba.  One of them arm wrestled Elder Hollister haha it was way funny.  He was doing all those pointing and tapping tricks I do to people! It made me way happy haha

Me and Elder Hollister went and got indo curry this week, bad news.  Luckily it was right before the typhoon, so we were forced to stay inside because it wrecked our systems haha. We were struggling all day.

I really saw the hand of God work this week.  Ito Megumi finally called us and we met her at the Tacoyaki Ojisans place.  It was a rundown shack and he was cooking dangoe and tacoyaki (octopus) all day haha.  He also was slapping flies and getting way into it, he would grin when he got one.  On Friday, we were housing (tracting) and we had 15 minutes til we had to head home.  I said let's go to this house and it was this older lady who wasn't interested.  I was prompted to bear a testimony on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  She got interested because she told us to come back!  Then I said lets go to this last house, and a college kid answered and we just quickly told him our life purpose and the Plan of Salvation and he was interested too!  We`re seeing them Friday, so I hope it works.

Thanks for all the prayers, love and support I love you guys!

Elder Parry

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