Sunday, October 30, 2011


This week was absolutely amazing! First off, we taught 25 lessons in all, 20 of them to investigators! We received 622 referrals at a fireside we ran yesterday at church, and we had a baptism! It was so awesome. Nakamura Kyodi  bore his testimony after his baptism on the love we have for him as missionaries and how quitting smoking has been the best thing for him.  We bought him a white shirt and tie at the dollar store, but the bishop and some other members brought him enough stuff to have a suit, two white shirts, and two ties. Our stuff was crappy compared to it, so we didn't even try haha. It was so awesome and he was so happy!
So as you can tell, we had an extremely busy week. We didn't even get a p-day.  We taught five lessons to all the investigators that day! We have to give ourselves some relaxing time throughout the week.  We got to see President Baird on Friday because he did the baptismal interview with Nakamura Kyodai.  Afterwords, Nakamura said that President Baird was big, tall, and that's the first time in his life he has been hugged by a guy. Haha, it was so funny. Japanese culture is way different. I see why Dad doesn't like to hug people.
This week was so awesome. I had many moments of little by little testimony growing. It was amazing. I also noticed I`ve never been involved in changing such a huge part of someone's life. Nakamura Kyodai qutting smoking is huge.  It's crazy. He said he smoked two packs a day for 15 years and this week he tried to light up but the lighter didn't go off.  He said it was a sign from God. Ya it is! That was so awesome and I know that God's hand literally is involved with all the work. 

We have another baptism planned for this Sunday for Tan Kyodai.  He`s Chinese and he is ready to go! He loves coming to church and says he has so many more friends because of the church. He has been here for 10 months and said he left his apartment to see people like five times, now he does it every day.  I love it and the work is just waiting and ready to boom. 

We had a huge ward Halloween party. It was crazy haha.  There was a haunted house that made little kids cry I guess. We did some crazy games. We were in charge of the fishing game which turned out to be the craziest game of them all.  Tons of people, including almost 20 non-members, came.

It's chilly and rainy here now, today is our last day to wear short sleeves, not excited to have to wear a suit every day.  We both think Elder Hollister is transferring next week, crazy things happen though so who knows.  Most likely one of us will not be here after transfers . My favorite thing about Japan is how nice and humble the people are I think.  Haha, it's hard to say my favorite thing. I look at Japan a different way as a missionary. I`ve seen the Shinodas like twice this transfer. Every time we call he says he`s sick. It's kinda sad.  He called them my `Japanese grandparents`.
I'm glad to hear everything at home is great, I pray for each one of you every night. Thanks for all the love and support!

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