Sunday, January 15, 2012

Squatty Potty

January 15, 2012

So this week was full of a ton of stuff.  Not so much teaching, because this was the lowest week of lessons I have had.  Awesome, not.  But let's start with the funny stuff.  I knew this exact thing would happen in this situation:  I'm not near a toilet, I have a strong urge I can't fight off, and I find myself looking at the only possible option: a dirty old squatty potty.  So hence, that was my exact situation.  Did I succeed? Yes, and no poop got on my clothes.  Was it hard? It was sooo hard.  Hope you all are just having a blast thinking about my struggles.  Second, in one of our few lessons this week, I wanted to say 'reiteki na mokyo' which is spiritual goal, but instead, I said 'seiteki na mokyo' which means a sexual goal.  That was a funny face the member made. Haha, you're still laughing huh?

First, in this valentine package, send me a girl....OK, just kidding.  Some member gave us stuff to make Mexican food, but no tortillas, so those would be nice.  And maybe a new tie or something.  I'm sick of the ones I have already.  We had two people come to FHE! People in the ward aren't very helpful and run away from responsibility, which makes things harder.  But it was fun and we played a game and I taught a decent lesson without any sexual innuendo.

We had interviews with the boss this week.  It was awesome.  I got to be with my two favorite people in Nagoya right now:  President Baird and Elder Hollister.  It was great and President Baird and I shared some tears in our interview.  It was a very tender moment.  He said that he can hugely rely on me and he can stick not-so-obedient missionaries with me and trust me to help them out.  Looks like that President Taylor promise is being fulfilled. 

Had dinner with dinner ever! Yaki niku.  He bought so much meat and I just kept eating.  It was so fun.  He hit his car on a railing before on the way too.  Haha it was way fun.  They are having us over for Mexican in the next week too.  I really connected with him at dinner, it was awesome.

So I went on an exchange to Toyota.  My companion is a transfer 3, so I had to take the lead in all the lessons.  I was super blessed.  I couldn't speak or understand perfectly, but I got by and made it work.  I can do this.  I also figured out that when I become a trainer my Japanese will fly free.  It was fun and we made nabe ourselves, pretty good.

We had a curry dinner at the Colberts, an American family.  They're house is the most Japanese house I have been in.   It was built 200 years ago and the floors creek so samurai can be heard coming in, haha way cool.

Before I end, what is my blood type? Why do Japanese people want to know blood type? Tt is super weird.  That's how they base personality.  I love you all so much, thanks for everything!  I got the DVD by the way.

 Elder Parry

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