Sunday, January 22, 2012


January 22, 2012

Well, I guess we all just had a crazy, unexpected week.  This email will be set up differently, as was yours, but I will first say everything that was unexpected, then I will write the normal stuff.

Surprises: President Baird had a leadership training on Tuesday for the trainers, district leaders, and zone leaders.  Turns out the night before they invited three other people, two of which being junior companions still:  Elder Ellsworth and me!  Ya, I was surprised too.  That night we had two elders from Sizuoka Zone stay with us.  One was Elder Berret from my last district, so we were up late talking and having fun.  We went to the leadership training the next day.  It was awesome.  Elder Hollister conducted and said welcome to the top 20 missionaries in the field.  Oh man, going to that makes you wonder what is going to happen next transfer.  It was really awesome though.  Sister Baird said that you had a hilarious Facebook post about towels and using them only when you are clean.  It was a great day completely filled from 9:00 to 5:30 with training and how to become better teachers.  It was a lot of fun.  When we got back, we had two other elders staying with us, so once again, I was up later talking to them and having a good time.  Thursday, I went on an exchange to KASUGAI!  It was great.  I went with Elder Duarte, he is from Brazil and the nicest guy ever.  He is completely fluent in English, only learned it on the mission.  So awesome.  We went and had my favorite burgers at Brother 69.  Then we met with Brother Shinoda! It was awesome
and he was so happy. I was able to communicate with him more and he took us out for katsudon.  Amazing as always.  Then we met with Tan.  He said it was an answer to his prayer to have us come, we talked with him and helped him build more confidence for work.  He seemed to be really struggling.  It was great to go and try to help him.  That night, of course, up talking for a while.  The next day I went on another exchange, stayed in Kariya with a bean from another area.  We had fun and went to a members house for dinner.  We didn't stay up late that night, I couldn't do it again.  That night Sister Baird called and asked if everything was alright.  I guess someone (hint hint: okasan) expressed some worry over Facebook and she called me right away and made sure everything was alright.  I had been a tiny bit sick, but nothing bad.  Good thing that night I woke up coughing so bad I was crying and couldn't sleep.  I moved my bed and said a prayer and just said help me to get better so I can do Your work and not wake the other missionaries up.  Instantly better.  Haven't coughed since.  AMAZING.
Yesterday in church, it was ward conference.  I was sitting with Brother Mitchell in priesthood and one of the stake guys had spray on hair! So me being me, I wanted to sneak a picture in. I had it set up so great, ready...set......FLASH!  Oh man, the flash went off!  I was so embarrassed.  The Stake President was laughing right behind me for like 10 minutes.  Brother Mitchell was laughing pretty hard too. 
So remember, that was all unexpected.  Here is the normal now:  We had mochi tsuki Saturday! We got to
pound the crap out of rice and make mochi.  Pretty good and fun.  I still hate anko.  Could you send some pictures of my other friends from their blogs? I'd like to see them too.  Gayla said she sends mine to Kevin.  More sleeping from momo this week.  He went to bed at 7:00 one night and didn't wake up before 9:30.  It's super hard and I tried to house this neighborhood but I had absolutely no confidence and just screwed it up.  It's hard.  He doesn't wanna do anything.  He lied and got in a fight with the Bishop yesterday.  They say that your wife gets hotter every time you pray so my wife is gonna be the best looking girl God has seen! I have prayed sooo much!

Well, there's the week of Elder Parry in a nutshell.  Enjoy.  Don't drink the Kool-aid.

Bow chicka wow wow,
Elder Parry

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