Sunday, January 29, 2012


So I'm so sorry this is late.  We had a very, very busy and crazy morning.  Let me go over the phone call this morning:

"Elder Parry, this is President Baird. What an honor it is to speak to such a handsome, spiritual man that you are.  The gospel is true, we are brothers in the gospel and working together to further the work.  How can it get better?!?!? Let me tell you how, you are on the move to the most beautiful place in the mission, everyone in the world knows your area.  You are going to....................FUJI!!!  You are with Iwata Choro.  How can things get even better than this? He is OCD about being obedient and you are his senior companion!"

Oh my gosh!!! I am so EXCITED!!!! Senior companion is a little crazy, but Fuji! I get to open my shades every morning to the most beautiful mountain in the world! Elder Momose is the only one who stayed.  Heo is going to Fukuroi and Hiruta is my Zone Leader in Hamamatsu! We are all going to the Shizuoka Zone! so excited!

OK, so since it is late, I'll write a quick note hoping you get it early enough.  This week was awful, Momo slept in until 2:00 almost every day.  But we had stake softball on Saturday!!! Of course I got MVP after two home runs over the fence (I'll send some way sweet pictures) and a couple doubles.  The only time I got out was when I swung at a pitch-out and the outfielder caught it at the fence in right. Haha, it was hilarious.  We did a home run derby after and I got three on three swings.  It was so fun.  We played basketball after and my level of greatness took a landslide drop haha.  Oh ya and for Elder Heo's birthday last week, we had dinner and I smashed a pie in his face after.  It was way fun.

That's really about it this week.  I didn't leave the apartment a lot because Momose slept all day, and I got the MVP, cuz I'm the man.

From the man, in Fuji
Elder Parry

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