Sunday, June 17, 2012

Riding the Bullet Train

June 17, 2012

So is it only you for today Mom? Things have been good a crazy here this past week. We only had to buy pork and milk for groceries today, if that tells you how many times we got to sit down and eat at our apartment this week. It's crazy to think that a year from today I will see you guys. Sounds like things are going great at home, and in Peru. It's awesome to hear about all the fun at home.

Let's start off this fun week, we went to the Matsumoto Castle this week and it was so fun! We walked around, took some pictures, and talked to some people. We met these two gay Dutchmen, I think they were following us for a while. After that, I went and got jinbe, a Japanese pajama set. They look way cool and are super comfortable.

We have the best less-active member, Nancy. She is the funniest person ever. To explain her life, she has been punched in the face by life. She is so strong though. We had a great talk with her and the Spirit was there and she was getting emotional. It was a really awesome meeting. We also met with the Komatsus again, the less-active and investigator. She made us a huge lunch and we had a short lesson after. They are so funny. She was acting like our mom telling us to eat vegetables and drink water. We also did a FHE at the Gomi house. There are four kids under ten. We did a balloon game and you can guess how the night went. The kids would blow them up and let them go all night. Spit was going everywhere. Elder Jessop taught a solid lesson about the stripling warriors while I was getting boogers wiped on me, sat on, smacked, kicked, and fingers in places they don't belong. Gotta love kids.

We had specialized training this week. First in Matsumoto and first as a my first as a Zone Leader. It went pretty well. I got to see Elder Ellsworth. It was fun and trainings are getting funner and funner? Not really, it's just whatever now.
So we made the long trek to Fuji! Since it takes sooo long and we don't have that kind of time, we took the bullet train! It was way fun. (The bullet train or shinkansen is a very fast train, but missionaries don't usually ride it because it is very expensive--Evan told us to watch for the train ticketk to show up on our credit card this month.  He didn't have enough money to pay for the ticket from his missionary allowance.  We don't mind at all though.)  We stayed with Elder Schade and his bean Elder Ludlow. It was way fun and cool to see them. Then I went back to the Fuji Ward. It was weird, it had only been like two weeks, but it was really fun to see everyone again. I was able to talk to Kent for a while and get the package. His fireside was way awesome and funny. He is a natural. (Kent Dericott is a Bountiful neighbor and friend who is a celebrity in Japan--he travels there often for work and gives firesides to help the missionaries while he is there.  He had offered to do a fireside for Evan and they had it planned for Fuji, but then Evan was transferred to Matsumoto, so Evan was allowed to go back to Fuji for the fireside).  He went over time and when it finished, we had 15 minutes til our train left. We had to say a really quick goodbye and just run for the station. I hate saying goodbyes on the mission, they never happen. but it was really fun to hang out in Fuji for the night and day and see a bunch of people that are awesome and who I love.

Glad to hear things are going well, glad to be out here and having a blast. Thanks for the package, I'm excited for the 4th!  LOVE YOU.

Elder Boob

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