Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Zone Leader in Matsumoto!

Man, I looked at those pictures (of Jake's graduation) and thought to myself, didn't I just do that? I can't believe Jake is all graduated and everything. I feel so old now, and I wish I could've been there for Jake. Well, nothing I can really do about that haha. I'm glad it went well. He looked like the boss at graduation. What a stud. Ah, I can't believe how fast time, in general, is going. I swear I just graduated, then just went into the MTC, now I'm a year in and a bit different. We get transfer calls at 10 am. Elder Hollister called me on Saturday and we had a little chat. at the end, he said, well I'll call you on Monday, so I expect something to change here. Neither of us have any idea of what will happen. I felt like I was going to leave this morning. If I leave, you won't miss much, we saw Fuji for the first time in four weeks this morning.
So this week was kind of a drag, but way fun. We saw this bug called a suzumebachi. Which is a wasp about four inches long with a 3-inch wingspan. So scary! We ran like little girls. I guess if you get stung once, you're ok, but twice you die. Then we saw a spider about as big as my hand. Again, we ran like little girls. Haha. We had crazy lightening on Tuesday. We had to go home pretty early and we got soaked. It was the best!

I got to do my fist baptismal interview. It was Watanabe san from Shizuoka. He was a way old, frail, but sweet guy. He admitted to getting arrested in the interview, but when we bore his testimony on repentance, it was so sweet. I knew that he has been forgiven and that he was continuing to repent in his daily life. It was a really cool experience. They have been trying to get him baptized for a while and it happened! He went in for surgery last night and has like a 10% chance of living. Crazy.

Sell we had a fun DTM which was on my year mark so we partied! The Zone Leaders came and we has a water gun fight and did a fhe. It was a lot of fun.  Then went to an all-you-can-eat pizza place. It was good, the pizza had fish eggs, salmon, tuna, corn, and a host of other things on it. Gotta love Japan.  Then we did a cookie party the next day. It was fun, but all the people that told us they would come from Fuji and Numazu didn't show so we grabbed someone random off the street and told them to come it. Pretty funny. Then the best story, we had testimony meeting yesterday. Our ward is full of goofy, and really crazy people. This woman stands up and says that she doesn't want to give her testimony, but she wants to pray. She just prayed during the meeting and it was so weird. She was crying through the whole thing. Again, gotta love Japan!

Transfer calls are soon. A bit nervous. Really nervous. Any predictions?

Elder Parry

While we were emailing back and forth with Evan a bit tonight, we learned that he has been transferred to Matsumoto and will be serving as a Zone Leader there.  Matsumoto is a sister city to Salt Lake City and Evan, Craig and Becky spent Christmas Day, 1992 in Matsumoto.

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