Sunday, June 24, 2012

Exchange With the APs

June 24, 2012

That's way awesome. Where did the Youk go? I told Elder Jessop that the Heat won and he said, 'aren't they good?' haha.  Not as into sports as the Parrys are. That's way awesome about Grandma and Doug gettin their mission papers goin! And I'm glad that Caroline had a great experience and the boys....had a growing experience haha. If you look at it in that way.

So yes, we got hit with the typhoon, only for about an hour. It was supposed to hit us for four days last week and then today, but it has been sunny, warm and clear. Elder Jessop and I were screaming all the way home. The rain was going from left to right and the wind was just crazy. We kept getting sprayed by passing cars and the rain drops were HUGE.  Haha, it was pretty fun. I thought rainy season would be like this the whole time, but I haven't had too much rain.

We have a gyoza party with our Chinese investigator Li. We learned how to make Chinese gyoza from scratch and it was way fun! We didn't do as well, and trust me we heard from Li. She was making fun of us the whole time haha, and I had to wear a girl's apron that was too small. Haha it was pretty fun. 

We did an exchange with the APs. I was kind of nervous leading up to it but it turned out great! I went with Elder Kervinen, he is a Finnish elder who goes home with Elder Jessop (July). I hadn't liked him too much before, but he really opened up during the exchange and we just had a bunch of great talks. He is way awesome. We visited Nancy and Karen in the afternoon and had a way good time. I played catch with Karen and Elder Kervinen had a good talk and got to know Nancy. Elder Ellsworth went with Elder Jessop. They both said that it was a great exchange and it was much needed. I love those two.

We helped the city hall with a Homestay program. It's where they send kids to Salt Lake City to do Homestay. They cooked traditional Japanese meals and we helped them translate them and helped them with introductions. It was way fun and went way well. It was so fun watching all the little kids cooking. We got to eat some after and it was so good.

We had District Conference yesterday and got to listen to a broadcast and hear Elder Oaks and President Uchtdorf. I talked with Sister Baird a ton. She is back in Utah for the next few weeks. See if you have time to visit her. That would be way cool.

That was the week in Matsumoto. It was way fun. I love it out here and I love you guys even more!


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  1. Love reading Elder Parry's letters and the great pics! Got a kick out of Li looking into the camera while Evan and comp give the famous Japanese hi-sign, haha! Give Elder Parry our love!