Sunday, October 21, 2012

Elder Aoyagi from the Seventy Visits

HAHA of course I know Uniqlo, I have bought some clothing from there a lot. Speaking of clothing, Dad, please take some money out of my account, I bought a new suit last week. I was sick of wearing two suits that were too large. So I got a new suit to wear to like conferences, interviews, and trainings. I wore it at our conference last week and got a bunch of compliments. About thursday, that is during our district meeting, so put it up on my email as fast as you can, then I will just get on after and check my email! I can't do Skype. but just a quick email and I will just check it after. I'm sure you will all be there after, I'll just email for like 10 or 20 minutes. That's so crazy about all the stuff goin on with sports.

Well, this week had a lot. But we didn't have the best week considering missionary work. Suwa has just had one problem after another since they whitewashed. They had no money to get to Nagoya for a conference, so we had to go to them and I paid for both of them to get all the way to Nagoya. Then I kept getting calls from people in my Zone saying that they had no money. I called the financial elder in the honbu and had a long talk with him. His excuse was that he sent their money to other areas. Just need him to pay attention a little more.

We had a conference in Nagoya with a member of the Seventy, Elder Aoyagi. It was pretty good. we had eight elders stay in the same apartment haha. It was all in Japanese and I lost focuse the second half. It was way good. I saw some of my favorite people though: Hiruta, Nishimuro, and Gish. We had a Zone Leader meeting with him afterwards and it was pretty good. He gave some very uplifting words on being a successful missionary and Zone Leader that I needed to hear.

Chiaki came home from America. We went with them to an shiyu then her boyfriend took us out to yaki niku. I had a cool experience there where Karen was getting tempted to try to smoke because her sister was. She looked up to me and asked if it was ok. In the end, I told her I would be disappointed if she did. She said she didn't wanna do that to me. So it was a cool experience.

We helped an American member, Sara, with some translations at her apartment. Then she needed a blessing with drama from church and work. I gave a sweet blessing. I know the Spirit was there and speaking for me. I told her things that were not my words. Afterwards, she was crying and said everything was what she needed to hear. Its hard for her, she's all alone in a country that she can't communicate with. After, we went straight to our investigators house and played soccer with two investigators and their friends. It was pretty fun. I stink at soccer, but I'm big enough to get away with a lot of things haha.

I love you all and miss ya a ton. You guys are the bomb. I'm so happy to hear how everyone is doing. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME!


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