Monday, October 29, 2012

Jake is Going to Phoenix!

October 29, 2012

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup Fam?

I am so stoked for Jake. I haven't been able to stop thinking about that since he got his call. When I have told people about the call, I get more excited for him. People always ask me what kind of missionary he will be, I just tell them that he will be a better one than me haha. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or an easy thing haha. But you know, to be honest, I was disappointed with my call at first. I always wanted to go Spanish speaking. But you know, this is the best mission FOR ME. Phoenix Arizona mission is the best mission FOR JAKE. I know he is just gonna absolutely love it. He will realize it little by little.  He's gonna drop gospel bombs down there in the big AZ.

Well, the work was been slowin' down here. Our number of lessons and successes have gone down. But it was still a good week for what we had. On Monday, we played mallet golf in the middle of nowhere with our district. It was way fun. The only reason that place had a train station was for that golf course haha It was way fun. I stayed in Ueda on an exchange that night with Elder DeMille. It rained super hard and we couldn't get much done. So we rode a lot of trains and tried to visit some less-actives in this resort city called Karuizawa. It was beautiful. Found out both of the less-actives had already moved haha. On the way back from the exchange, I got out to take pictures and I heard the door shut. I turned around and stuck my arm in the door and pried it back open haha everyone was giving me some really funny looks.

We went running again with Roberto. It was pretty fun. He talked about his conversion story when he took us out to dinner after. He is such a good guy. Elder Kusume had a bunch of problems with his bike this week and Roberto came over at like 10:00 and fixed it all up.

So Elder Kusume got super sick on Saturday that is still going on now. On Saturday, some members told him to relax, so they took us up to the ashiyu in Kamikochi and we saw all the leaves changing colors. It was BEAUTIFUL! I have grown to love nature. But we were stuck inside yesterday literally all day. I was going crazy. It has gotten rainy and super cold here which doesn't help. Half the branch had this sickness. I feel alive and great! haha.

Things are good here. Like I said, the work is a bit slow. But we are hangin' in there and trying to have fun! Hey in the Thanksgiving package, have Caroline send me one of those snapback hats she designed! That would be way awesome. Two more quick things: when do you want my Christmas card by? and my back retainer on my top teeth came out this week haha. Hey guess what? JAKE IS GOING TO PHOENIX!!!

Elder Boob

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