Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry we aren't talking today. I figure I will see you in just a few weeks anyway. Things are going pretty well here too. This week overall is leaving the area better overall than how it has been lately.

We did a lot of yard work this week. Since Tuesdays are tough to plan for, we decided to clean up around the park that's in front of our apartment. So we have been doing that and someone picked it up and cleaned up the rest of it! Then a random lady came to Eikaiwa and asked us to come clean up her yard. It was the biggest yard I have seen in Japan. It was pretty fun though. I guess it's just a little glimpse of working for Paane when I get home haha.

It was a good week overall. A member took us to a yaki niku tabehodai and I pigged out. Then we stopped by a members house and had a very special experience. She had recently had a stroke. So I decided we should try to see her weekly. We went over and she told us she had been really tempted by the devil and she prayed for a ton of help. Then we came and gave her a blessing almost five minutes later. Way awesome.

Had my last Zone training meeting last week. Now I'm having all these lasts. I realize more and more every time something happens. I got my death papers this week with my flight plans and checklist to go home. Just so you know, all my garments, socks, suits, white shirts, pants, and shoes are gettin trashed. I might burn it all haha.

So on Saturday, the bishop took us river fishing. So much fun. It poured rain on us and I didn't catch a fish again haha but still way fun and in a way pretty place nonetheless. Then yesterday we had Mother's Day. They asked me to speak and I was a bit confused why just three weeks before I head home. And I forgot it was Mother's Day too haha so I made it up on the spot. It ended up being a really good talk. Best part about it, it so happened that the Katsuragawas (a sister missionary who served with Craig) from Gifu came up to see me right when I was speaking. Pretty cool eh? We then went to a Brazilian birthday party and had dinner at the bishop's with an investigator. It went so well. I think there is a chance she could get baptized before I go home. She also already made plans to meet us in Tokyo. I love it out here!


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