Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nearing the End

May 19, 2013


Ok sorry it took so long to get an email to y'all. I know you are all asleep, but a member took us and the Toyama missionaries to a gaming center that had a fishing pond, batting cages, arcade, and some darts. It was so much fun! I will send a few pictures. I was rockin' it up in the batting cages, good thing it was only on like 70 mph haha.

This week was crazy. We had a lot happen in such a short time. I guess that's the story of missions. We did an exchange on Tuesday and I was with Elder MacDonald. My man who knows baseball. We talked ball all day it was so awesome. We had a busy day, visiting a member and housing around her, doing manual labor at an elderly lady's house for a few hours, and then had dinner with an investigator. Gotta love it.

The rest of the week kind of blended together (or I just don't have a whole lot of motivation to write a long email) but on Friday we had a member from Takayama take us and the district out to lunch and she gave me a kimono to go home with! PS about coming home, there was a missionary who didn't have money to buy an extra luggage bag or ship stuff home, so I talked to the Honbu and gave them one of mine and I bought a huge duffle bag (which is a life saver because it is so light and huge!)  I was happy to give it to him. Crazy what two years can do to you.

We got dropped by an investigator, yay, not haha. But we had the FUNNEST sports night ever! We had five  investigators come and we had such a blast! The Big Three were on my team and I did fairly well! Even made a behind-the-back ally-oop! Call me LeBron James for now on haha.

Church was crazy...put it short, we tried inviting Yuka to baptism and she ended up crying because she felt stressed and super pressured and her handicap was just getting to her. This lead to another emotional phone call later for almost two hours. Now you understand why I am balding. Then we biked in the pouring rain to visit our depressed member. Nice guy, didn't really give us much....I love this!

Two weeks, not a lot of time. I'm excited to see you. You don't know how many people have told me they wish they could meet you all here. Especially after my Mother's Day talk. I tell them I get my good looks from my mom and my smarts from dad divided in half hahaha. Dum-diddly-dum-dum.

Call of the Boob

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