Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seeds Planted 25 Years Ago

Elder Parry and Elder Ellsworth (from his MTC district) 
Elder Parry at his apartment eating nato--it's gross! 

On punch!

Why does the best night in the history of the MLB have to be while I'm gone? Like I wanna cry that sounds like it was so exciting and fun :) OK, this week didn't have much, but I have a lot for Dad.  So we got to go to Meito and do a training and my whole doki (travel group) was there! So I hung out with Ellsworth and Ashcroft Choro all day and that was super fun.  Elder Dinkel said someone came up to him at a stake conference and asked if he knew me and said that they were baptized by dad.  Ya crazy.  Then we met the Fukutoku bishop and he said he remembers dad! And last night someone came over at like 10:00 and said they were baptized by dad! It's the Kitagima family. He said because of dad, he went on a mission, married in the temple, and have two kids in the gospel. That was an awesome meeting and I was so happy and they were so happy.  They want missionary pictures of dad to see him, so could you send me some of those please?

A couple things for the next package quickly, could you send me this little book called The Missionary`s Little Book of Inspirational Stories.' Elder Hollister has it and its sweet.  Some teri sauce, mac and cheese, and that picture of me and Ramsey from my farewell? And any other picture you want, I like the hard copies because I can have them.

So I finally had nato this week and that was pretty gross. We had an entertaining eikaiwa (English class).  They started talking about bath houses and we said we couldn't go so they talked about us being naked. Awkward.  And we started talking about Ricky Bobby and Talladega Nights hahah. And they wanted to learn slang, it was a really funny class.

We had this American move in.  He loves to be involved with the really bad.  We`ve already ignored some of his calls because he`s turning into a pest.  He's cool and has a great testimony. 

So when we taught the Ito Kazoku this week, she works for Nuskin and did this facial cream on us! Haha it was so funny.  She put all these lotions on and just had a fun time. And Kan got the priesthood! It was way sweet and he said he wants to serve a mission! Crazy stuff.

Love you all!
Aisuru musuko yori
Elder Parry

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  1. I gotta say there's really nothing better than nato beans with soy sauce and chopped green onions all over hot rice...really! It's been a favorite of mine and my mom's since I was a little girl. When you get past the smell and the slime, the taste is just wonderful. I'm proud of Parry Choro for trying it!
    Love, Pania