Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Room With a View

Hello! First report from the wonderful land of Fuji! Boy was this week quite a different one.  So the shipping company couldn't come get our bags to ship them on Tuesday, so we had to take them to the shipping place almost a mile and a half away.  Remember, three of the four in our apartment transferred, so we had a long, sweaty, trek to the place haha it was fun.  Good thing it cost almost 60 bucks to send my stuff and I ran out of money two hours from Fuji haha. I got to see the whole doki (zone) at the transfer area.  Me, Ashcroft and Ellsworth (Elders from his MTC district) became senior companions.  Ellsworth became a trainer, crazy.  By the way, we saw a Kariya member at the eki (train station) when we went for transfers, she is fluent in English and loves America.  She said that when you guys pick me up and want to come to Kariya we can stay at her place for free.  She has done it for like 20 missionaries and their families. 

So I met Elder Iwata--weirdest guy in the world.  He is what you call 'KY' in the mission.  It means koki yomenai which is like someone who is completely oblivious to everything.  He was also so surprised to hear I was only one transfer ahead of him.  He talks way fast and doesn't notice when I can't keep up, hence the KY haha. It's ok, he's just a little special.  Got to the apartment and I wanted to cry.  After five hours on the train, I got to the apartment and couldn't see the floor it was so dirty.  There were piles of dust and mold in the whole shower.  So I cleaned up ALL of Wednesday, it had to be done.  It was so awful.  There is still food on the walls so today I'm gonna try to finish it up. 

So some fun stuff, I get to see Fuji right out my window every morning.  The base is like 25 miles away and it is beautiful.  Guess who is teaching Brother Shinoda now? Ashcroft haha, he has called a few times and I'm trying to help him.  Brother Shinoda said he would be baptized if I did it.  So now they're working with his smoking problem and trying to meet Eiji, it's going great! My new district is awesome! there are 8 of us, 4 sisters! First sister district! Haha they are way cool.  My district leader is Australian, and his companion is Elder Hilyard from Woods Cross! Haha so it's a lot of fun and we have a great connection.  On the way back from district meeting, a group of about 10 drunk old guys were passing beers around and eating snacks.  Life is different farther from the city. 

My ward is super goofy.  Someone who grew up in the Mueller Park 4th Ward is in it.  She has lived here for 8 years and said she recognized Ryan's name.  She graduated from Bountiful in 1996.  It's something Suzuki.  So yes, this is the update from beautiful Fuji.  The last elder here was pretty lazy and didn't do a lot of work.  We have nine investigators, one we found on Saturday, so I hope to get this area goin into an example area like Kasugai was! This is the best!

Boob in Fuji,
Elder Parry

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