Sunday, February 19, 2012

Evan Gave Himself a Haircut?

 Well Hello!

Sounds like things are going great/not/exciting back home.  I would probably say that's how this week was for me too haha.  Gosh Grandma she can't stay at her house for very long huh? That stinks, really stinks, about Isaac. I guess I could say that my Valentine's day was better.  We had Zone Conference and it was pretty great.  I got to be with President and Sister Baird and Elder Hollister.  It was great and we had a lot of fun.  I got the package, thanks a lot! I gave some of the chocolates to Nishimuro Shimai because it was her birthday.  It was a really fun day.  We have 16 missionaries in this zone and 4 are going home after this transfer, it's crazy.  We had a pretty good time and it was very spiritual as well.  After the conference, Elder Hilyard and I went on an exchange, we got back pretty late so we didn't do much.  We did eat some Mexican with the tortillas you sent! Amazing as always.  The mission home got a new couple so we haven't gotten reimbursed for money in a long time.  So we have been getting by with little money, but I needed a haircut.  So i found some clippers in our apartment and did it myself.  Haha it looks really good! It's a lot  better than the ones I have had in Japan so far. It's really short so I won't have to cut it again for a while.   
So cool story from last p-day.  There is this kimono shop that has always caught my eye.  I went in just to look at the beautiful dresses.  This lady showed me to a side room that had little pieces of kimono for like 400 yen each.  I looked and wanted a bunch.  I picked out four I couldn't decide between.  She and her husband were like "You're missionaires right"? "You come here for two years and teach about your church and learn Japanese right"? I was so surprised, I said that was exactly us.  The guy was like you can have all four for 1000 yen.  Haha it was so cool, they were way nice.  We talked for a good while after.

So I read those baseball articles Dad sent.  Baseball is not baseball in Japan. Someone in my ward said that they play yakkyu and we play baseball haha, I'm so happy I played in America where I could have fun and not get beat all the time.  I did eat crap on my bike again this week.  I couldn't make it over the stupid lip of the curb and just rolled over and rolled for like 10 feet.  I was already not enjoying that day.  In fact, I didn't enjoy a lot after DTM on Friday to Sunday night.  Elder Iwata is starting to get on my nerves bad.  He is extremely oblivious and has absolutely no relationship skills.  He also doesn't even care I'm senior.  He goes behind my back and makes appointments and doesn't tell me.  He does that same stuff throughout the day,  changing appointments and not telling me. Luckily he can't understand any English, so if I'm mad or need it, I call the other missionaries and vent.  It's super hard. I guess he's been this bad before too.

We went bowling Saturday night.  People in Japan can't do sports at all.  I don't try at sports and win by a lot all the time, haha its pretty awesome.  But we have this investigator who has depression problems and doesn't have money to buy food.  I have been praying for weeks to get support from members and get them to want to do missionary work.  Yesterday, they met together and planned who was going to make dinner for him every night for almost a month! I was so happy when I heard.  I think this will bring the ward together and get them to want to help us out more too.  This is the beginning of something great here in FUJI!

I love you all, don't do anything stupid. I know it's fun, but you probably shoudn't.

Elder Evan

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