Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who Knew That Could Happen?

Good morning to you.

This week was a good one with a few stand out points.  First I'll answer questions.  No one from my doki (MTC group) is in my zone. Elder Dinkel just transferred to Nagano zone, Fuji is way different because it is a huge mountain, lots of mountains.  It reminds me of a Japanese version of Bountiful.  Our schedule isn't too different, my new companion is hard in different ways.  He is older and area senior so he tries to take over all the lessons and scheduling.  I guess that's how it is all the time in my situation, gaijin is senior over a native.  It's ok though, he wants to work hard. And I had members that told me about the Super Bowl haha, it was funny having them tell me, they didn't know how to explain some stuff.

We got two new investigators! One was a referral and the other was from eikeiwa (English) class.  It was awesome and they seem to have pretty good interest. One speaks fluent English so I get to do it all in English. My companion can understand a lot but can't speak at all.  Which is funny, because when I talk about him to the other elders in our district we call him Dexter so he can't pick out his name haha.  Speaking of district, I LOVE our district.  I went on an exchange to Numazu with elder Bardzinski, he is from Australia. It was so fun.  I did Tim Tam Slams with an Australian for the first time.  Ee really helped me with some stuff with Elder Iwata and being a new senior in a struggling area.  It was an awesome exchange.

We had sports night! A member in our ward is a principal and lets us use the gym once a month and invite investigators and members and others come and play.  There were like 15 who came.  We had two investigators I hadn't met come.  They are awesome.  Numazu always comes too and they brought their 6'10" investigator from Senegal who is the number 1 or 2 basketball player in all of Japan for high school, he is awesome.  We played basketball and I did alright, but people thought I was like a God.  I love being American haha. We then played volleyball and I gave Elder Hilyard crap the whole time.  Trash talking about Bountiful and Woods Cross haha it was really fun.

After district meeting, we went to a place called Cats Cafe.  You get a meal then an all-you-can- eat parfait bar. It was SO GOOD! I had like five parfaits haha. I figure I can get away with it now because I can't seem to keep weight for too long haha. One of the sisters in our district thought I was Polynesian, so when I said Thomas was my 'adopted' brother, she didn't think twice about it haha. She thought he was my real brother haha, I love having sisters in our district...

Church was nice yesterday.  I gave a 15 minute talk in Japanese, who knew that could happen? I did mess up and say that Thomas was my younger twin.  I always mess up words when I'm in front of a lot of people.  We also sang all seven verses of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.  That is probably my favorite song.  And we tried to do an FF with someone and he said he has no friends.  He was dead serious too but said it in a joking way. Took me off guard.

This week was good, the more and more I get into my mission, the less and less I want it to end, i love it here! I LOVE ALL OF YOU

The Boob

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