Sunday, February 26, 2012

Elder Shinoda Parry


This week was very hard, and had some good involved.  I think it all started when I broke a mirror in our apartment last Monday.  Like I needed more bad luck than I already have haha.  Before I begin, I wanna tell you something cool.  I had a feeling about a month ago to write Thomas's brother, Louie, who is in jail.  I got a letter back from him and he was so awesome and loving and nice.  He kept saying over and over again how grateful he was for me and you guys for taking care of Thomas.  I told him when he gets out in August, that he was more than welcome to visit you guys at the house.  He told me several times to thank you for everything.

We had a bad start to Tuesday but it turned into an amazing day.  I just prayed for a better attitude and help and it worked! I was all over the place.  It did help that the ward is taking food to Narita.  He was ten times happier! And I got to also see a cat that weighs about 25 pounds! It was the biggest and fattest cat I have ever seen! It made me laugh out loud.  All the rest of her 5 cats are pretty normal though haha.  And I was in a weird mood for katsu so we rode around looking for katsu for a while.  In fact, I'm eating some right now too hahah.

We had a fun exchange between three companionships.  I stayed with Elder Hilyard (Woods Cross High School), Elder Bardzinski stayed in Numazu with Elder Nelson, a Zone Leader, and Elder Iwata went to Hamamatsu with Elder Hiruta.  We met up the next day at District Meeting and had a way fun time! We just did a family home evening for our meeting and it was way fun.  We played a game and had a short spiritual message and had refreshments.  I was Papa Parry and we had Mama Masuda, haha it was funny. 

Saturday was tough.  We rode about 40 miles on our bikes.  We had planned to meet 9 people and met with none! No one was home! Another fun thing, I had to give a talk yesterday but didn't know until they announced it haha.  I did a nice 10 minute talk on scripture power on the spot.  Boo ya.  Another thing before I forget, next p-day a member is taking us to the water falls at the base of Mt. Fuji, so I will email later that day, sorry, it will be very late for you guys.

Hope you enjoyed your week.  Mine was good, Elder Iwata is actually a really hard comp but he wants to work and be obedient so it's good.  All the Shimai (sisters) in the district asked the gaijin (Americans) what our 'Japanese name' is.  I was proud to say mine is Shinoda haha, so my Japanese name is that haha.

From Elder 'Shinoda' Parry

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