Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

March 18, 2012
Sounds like a crazy week at home. Things were pretty crazy here too! I absolutely love Elder Schade. He is transfer 4, half Japanese, but didn't speak it before. He is from Heber, Utah and loves soccer. It is so much fun. He stayed in the BYU halls right across the street from me. We have had a pretty good week together. There was a lot of drama last week during transfers. Elders Ashcroft and Dinkel became trainers. Kariya closed down. Momose went home early. We had an emergency transfer because a ward mission leader had a recent convert die at his house and he blamed it on the missionaries. Things are just crazy, you'd think we were the Dallas Cowboys.

I had an awesome birthday.  I took Iwata to the train station early and switched with Bardzinski because we both didn't transfer. We didn't have p-day, so we took advantage. Thanks for the awesome birthday package! We went and looked at SAKURA (cherry blossoms) boo ya again. Then we went to the dollar store and timed ourselves for 15 minutes and found as much funny English as possible. Then we went to the suit store and Elder Bardzinski  asked the lady if they had any 'birthday suits' hahaha.  She was serious and took my size and led me to some suits. She said lighter birthday suits are the best. We asked the price. It was around $500. Birthday suits in Japan are around $500 I guess, hahaha.

We had a ton of rain this weekend. I got plastered. We rode our bikes about 36 kilometers and my rain gear didn't even fight it off completely so I got soaked. But on the way, they had a dog frisbee contest, so we watched that for a while haha.

We taught Mirei and the lesson went pretty well. I invited her to baptism at the end and she accepted. except when I gave her a date, she said she couldn't do it because her family is Buddhist and her boyfriend won't let her (he is 66, she is 36, that's already messed up) she said she'll come to church in secret and get baptized if she can get an answer.

I talked with Elder Ashcroft, Eiji and his family became investigators! He said it's getting harder and harder to teach Shinoda san. He is getting more stubborn and fights every question. I called him trying to tell him to not worry too much and just let the missionaries talk. They're losing faith in him.  He said they will keep teaching him though.

We finished the week with a game night with a family from the ward. It was very fun. They are a nice cute little family. It's good to be here with an American, it's good to have support from the ward, it's good to be the king haha.

Elder Parry

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