Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rainy Days


Unfortunately, it is raining pretty dang hard here, so we weren't able to see the waterfalls.  ut the member still took us to a way far less active's house and took us exploring after.  He also took us to a steak house.  He is so nice.  We said when you guys pick me up he would take us all exploring.  I got some way sweet pictures.  We went to Iwa Moto Yama last week! It was way cool.  It was about a 800-meter hike up a mountain that had a bunch of temples and shrines.  Then at the top, they had different platforms that could look out over the ocean, city, and over to Fuji, but Fuji wasn't visible that day.  It has been really cold and rainy for almost the past two weeks.  It is kinda of miserable, but whatever, it has to go on.

I talked with Shinoda-san on the phone for a while.  He is kinda struggling and he keeps throwing fits with the Elders and being way stubborn.  This is going to be a long process.  Elder Ashcroft told me they have taught him the three kingdoms five times and he still doesn't understand. Please remember him in your prayers.

We went to an all-you-can-eat pizza place, so good haha, but still not american.  We had a lesson at the investigator's house with six cats, including the Godzilla one.  I like to call it Jabba, like from Star Wars haha.  I had fur all over me after a good hour lesson.  Speaking of lessons, they were so hard this week.  Elder I took control and spoke for 90% of the time, the spirit was never present, and we always left the investigator feeling more confused than before.  Not very fun.

We had an interesting exchange on Thursday.  The four of us went to this yakisoba place in a temple, then we split up.  The elder I was with realized he left his bag on the train.  We had to go all the way to Hamamatsu to go get it.  It's like a two and a half hour train ride.  We then had to come back and go straight to eikeiwa (English class).  We got a new student! I was scared though, because we have three older ladies who are just so mean to everyone.  But only one came and elder Bardzinski just completely shut her down the whole time.  She tried to tell him where Sydney was in Australia, he is from Australia, and he just told her "I'm Australian, so sit down".  It was funny, and awesome. Haha, I hope she doesn't come back.

I got letters from Thomas and Kevin this week! I was so happy.  I hadn't gotten mail for a long while before that.  That's about it from this week.  Not too much happened, just the normal.  I almost killed Iwata, that's about normal too.  I'm hoping for a change on my birthday next week.  Well, that's all folks!

Love you,
Elder Parry

P.S. Elder Bardzinksi saw the picture of the family and told me to tell Caroline that he thought she looked very pretty in the picture.

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