Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English

April 15, 2012

Dang all of you, I would like to go to the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park too.'s OK, I guess. And where is Jake going for his senior trip? Sounds like the fam has got a lot of great things going on for the next while. Good for all of you. This week was better than the past few weeks have been. It's hard because we keep finding investigators that have no desire to progress, or just drop off the face of the world.  It's even harder because every time we get training from the leaders they always emphasize being obedient and doing everything President Baird tells us and we will see baptisms. Well, I have been doing both for my whole mission, and as of lately I'm not seeing anyone progress like we would like. It's hard of course.

We went to Iwamoto Yama again last week. We went with the Numazu elders and it was very fun. We played football at the top and looked at all the cherry blossoms. It was so pretty and such a great day. The weather is picking up very fast. The next day we were at an unfamiliar part of the area and I had a prompting to go see our recent convert. We went and she needed a blessing bad. I was able to do my first blessing in Japanese! It was crazy. She got better way fast and was able to come to church and everything. Then on Thursday, we visited a member who is going less active. He said the Book of Mormon is hard and that he was having depression problems. I promised him he would get better if he prayed and he promised he would. Then I closed with a sweet simple prayer promising him if he prayed, he would feel God's love. After, I looked up and he was crying way hard. It was a very spiritual and a strong moment for all of us. He was so happy.  We are going to read from the simplified Book of Mormon with him this week.

We had a very fun DTM. The zone leaders came and I made brownies. We finally met in Fuji! It was way fun. We took a lot of goofy pictures after and everyone gave short lessons during it. I love District Meetings. We then had two places we needed to go and ended up biking over 35 kilometers and almost no one was home. That was so fun...not.  Haha it's OK though, that's missionary work. I gave a talk yesterday in church. It sounded great when I practiced. It was awful though, so miserable. Thank goodness I could end at five minutes. Bleh. Then a new member came and she is Brazilian. I speak as much Portuguese as she speaks Japanese. We played Pictionary to figure out everything about her. Then our Peruvian member came to the rescue. It was funny. Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and English were all over the place.

This week was better. I feel like we didn't get a lot done, but we got a lot done. I love you all!

Elder Parry

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