Monday, April 30, 2012

Crazy Funeral

April 30, 2012

So yes, I know that this is really late and you all will be asleep. We had a stake activity come up this morning and we went to Shizuoka to play softball and have a BBQ. I didn't do as well, but I lost two balls that I hit into the river. One of their members was getting mad at me and I just said to him to get me out in a joking way. Haha it was fun. I hung out with a way cool member from Shizuoka the whole time. We were jumping from grill to grill taking all the meat. Nishimuro Shimai from our district kept trying to stop us. Haha it was funny. She is our district mom, she kept telling us to eat our vegetables last Friday when we had shabu shabu after district meeting. I will get to Skype home on Mother's Day. Your Mother's Day. It will be around 9-11 here. I'll have more specific details next week. Just make sure you get familiar with how to work Skype.

This week was good. We have six missionaries in our district, two sisters and four elders. I have to call the zone leaders three nights a week and the sisters every night and see if they made it back to their apartment safely. We had a pretty good first DTM. It was pretty fun. There are so many boring district leaders, so I'm trying to have some fun too. I'm glad to hear home is going...normal. This week was quite weird. It all started when Taniguchi, the 83-year-old recent convert, died. It was peaceful, she passed in her sleep. We went to her funeral and it was the craziest stuff I have experienced. Weird chants, rituals, incense, man the whole thing was just crazy. Then putting flowers on her head and burning her. All weird stuff.

Tuesday was by far the longest day of my life. It matches up with the first day at the MTC. Nothing happened. I was so tired. It got better. We had a fun Ekaiwa (English Class) and played hang man. The students were getting into it and everyone was having a good time. We finally did the long awaited open house. We had 12 people come. That's like 11 more than I thought would come. That took up like the whole week, preparing and all that not so fun stuff. Everyone in the district came for part of it and helped out. It was pretty fun. We were at the church for 11 straight hours. got three solid potential investigators from it. It was pretty successful overall.

We had a fun dinner last night with like 10 members. Was it hard to get lessons in and try to get referrals for you too, Dad?  I swear, it's so hard to get anything gospel-related done here. And are the Yankees wearing those old school uniforms all year? If they are, I would love to get one. Maybe for a Christmas present. Just put it on hold and I'll get it when I get back. And did you make that CD yet? If not, could you put 'Hallelujah' and 'I Can Only Imagine' two great songs. I love you all and I'm sorry this was late. hope you all have a great week and ill talk to you all later!

Elder Parry

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