Sunday, April 8, 2012

Support From Other Missionaries

April 9, 2012

I'm glad to hear that this week went the way it did. As for you, this was a pretty hard week for me too. I would love to have the CD of the funeral for all the talks. I'm sure President Baird wouldn't mind. Also like you, I tried to get myself away from things and relax and have some personal time to think. God blessed me in several ways this week to help me out. On Tuesday, we got such a bad rain storm and we weren't allowed to leave our apartments. I was able to just relax and hang out for the day. I didn't think too much about a whole lot. I have been so blessed by the love of other missionaries this week. I have received several calls from Elders Hollister, Bardzinksi (District Leader) Hiruta and VanDampen (Zone Leaders) Berrett, and Sister Baird. it really has been awesome. I have felt the love of Christ through these peoples' gestures of simple acts of love. I can't tell you how perfect conference was. I received answers to questions I have prayed about for months, and it was perfect for this time in our family. Elder Eyring's talk had to have been my favorite. Elder Ballard and Scott were amazing too. I have been thinking a lot lately if I should do a study journal, but my lazy instincts have held me back. After conference I ran to the store and bought one and I have filled a bunch out and caught myself up.

President Baird called this week and said he met someone Dad baptized. It was at the Toyota ward, but the member lives in Gifu--I missed the name. Just like the phone call about Monte, I wasn't all there. The member asked where I was and if she could see me. President Baird promised her I would serve near her. So that tells you I will probably make it over to Gifu  sometime haha. We housed this apartment where an investigator lives. I had the door slammed in my face so many times. I came to the last door and was ready to get slammed, but a younger girl in her twenties answered. I gave my whole deal and she said to come back! Almost one hour after we got dropped by another investigator! Then the next day, while I was in Numazu, the elders in Fuji found another investigator! What a blessing it has been this week. Even though this week had some very hard and down points, just those little small, insignificant seeming works of the Lords hand is what keeps us going.

We had an investigator who finally gave a prayer. It was so simple and a straight-up conversation. It made me so happy! We have so many investigators that are hard, jerks, and I just want to drop. It's great to get some new stuff goin on here.

So the new Presiding Bishop, Elder Stevenson, was our area Seventy, he spoke to us last December. That's something cool. We visited an 82-year-old recent convert yesterday. She has been very sick, so we checked on her. While she was talking, she passed horrible gas! Oh my goodness, I got us out of there so fast it was so disgusting, and pretty funny. She didn't even flinch. It was like it never happened. Oh yea, and Elder John Gaskill and Elder David Archuletta were in the MTC choir at conference!

I had to go to a doctor in Numazu this week because he speaks English. He told me my behind was quite large. Haha that was funny. He then told me he had to use an 'instrument' to take a test. I didn't really understand what was about to happen. It was the most awkward and painful thing that has happened. I may or may not have said a cuss word without thinking. I know I swore a lot in my head. I know some of you are getting a kick out of this story.

Well sorry there was no real update last week, here is this week. A bit better. I love you all. Hang in there, watch conference again, it was amazing!

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