Sunday, April 22, 2012


April 22, 2012

Well good morning on this transfer day! Like last transfer, we came early to e-mail, the calls start in 15 minutes so you should be getting an update in about a half hour or so. It sounds like it was a way fun week! As much as I love my mission, I'm still way jealous. It looks like it was way fun. Did you sit on the monster? Man, that looked so fun. And I'm way happy the Yankees showed who's still the evil empire muahahah.

Well I have something way cool, I went to the waterfalls last Monday! They were way awesome. As awesome as they were, still would pick a Yankees and Red Sox game. But now I have experienced both! We went with a bunch of members and it was so pretty. The day was a bit chilly and cloudy, so we couldn't see Fuji real well, it was still an awesome experience.

This week didn't have a whole lot of stand-out missionary work. I went on an exchange and did have two really great lessons that day. I taught, more like talked, for over an hour with an investigator and members. I'm so talkative in English, I just need to talk in Japanese. If I sound bad, they'll understand. I've been really just trying to be more friendly this past week when I talk to people.

We visited Taniguchi, the 82 year old, and she said she got a letter from Iwata for me and it was in Japanese of course) I don't like that stupid guy. Why did he write me a letter. He was so annoying, then Taniguchi did her evil conniving laugh, muahaha it was pretty funny.

We had interviews! I got to hang out with everyone for the day. In my interview, I went in with the same idea as my teaching and just talked to President Baird. It was so funny and awesome. He promised he would sit down with me and watch a sports game with me when I get back haha. Sister Baird was way awesome and we just talked about marriage and funny pranks for over an hour. It was the best! I also got to mess around with Elder Hollister for a while. It was a pretty great day.

We also had a crazy Sunday. Elder Schade's aunty and uncle called, no one showed up for Sunday School so we 'meditated', an investigator came and brought us katsu and bamboo to eat, kids were all over the place. It probably wasn't crazy, all that stuff seems pretty normal to me now.

Well, that was my week. Calls should be starting up really soon. I can't believe six weeks has passed. I'm already on Transfer 7. Where has it all gone?

Ma, when in Rome, do as the Boob does,
Elder Parry

PS  A few minutes after this e-mail came, we learned that Evan had been called to be the new district leader in Fuji.

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