Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bonus Mother's Day Letter

May 15, 2012
Mother's Day

            So I know I just  talked to you guys not too long ago, but I thought I would zip over a quick e-mail and let you know about the week that was.  I had a really good exchange with a newer elder in Numazu.  We visited like seven people, but only one was home.  But we had a lot of good chat time with each other.  He is a great missionary who just wants to work and let the Lord take care of what is at home.  He has a sister with terminal cancer and he kept asking me how I dealt with similar situations.  It was a way deep and good exchange. 

            I told you about the crazy girl in eikaiwa (English class).  That was interesting.  Eldr Schade's bike also broke so we had to walk about an hour to get to our apartment.  It sucked.  We did a piggy back ride while I rode the bike for a little bit.  Haha, it was funny.  Then we visited a harmonica teacher that was referred to us.  He has over 500 harmonicas and has some really crazy looking ones.  I gave Elder Schade a look like hwas a loser.  He was super awkward too and it just didn't work out. 

            We had a fun BBQ.  There were Japanese, Americans, Russians, French, and Brazilians there.  It was quite the group of people.  It was way fun.  We handed out a bunch of pamphlets and eikaiwa pass along cards.  The food was all way good too. 

            Church was interesting.  I gave a pretty solid talk on mothers.  i think I will mail it home and Dad can translate it for you mom.  Then we had this way greasy looking guy come in.  He was really creep looking.  He said his name was Abraham Lincoln and he was the 16th President of the United States.  He had a huge American flag shirt to.  He was creeping on one of the handicapped members too.  Kind of gross.  So yes that's Japan for you in a nutshell.  We had some fun.  We had some frustrating times.  But hey, it was all good.  Roses don't come by much on the mission, but they stand out a lot more than the poop being thrown by Satan's monkeys.

With love from Japan,

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