Sunday, May 27, 2012

America is the Best

May 27, 2012
First off, did you guys get my journal entries? I sent those a week before Mother's Day. I hope Dad enjoyed that mabodofu, it was a huge pain to send. I HATE Japanese post offices. They are a real pain and just so picky and panicky. Remember last Memorial Day when I was down watching Isaac's games? Crazy. I'm not sure what will happen next week. Something will change in Fuji. I've been told that I might head up to either Matsumoto or Gokiso, which are both zone leader areas. But who knows, I'm not gonna worry about it too much.

This week was literally a roller coaster. We got two new investigators, which was awesome. We found one from the former investigator lists and the other one housing by another investigator's house. That was good. Tomiko isn't progressing much anymore. I swear we can't get a break here. Everytime something looks good and promising, agency kicks in.

We went down to Nagoya! We stayed in Toyota the night before and Elders Bardzinksi and Hilyard were there. It was way fun. Then the next day we had a great Zone Conference. We had the area doctors come which was way cool. I talked to the physical one and got a check-up. Sports are catching up to me and I had quite a few things to fix up--my back, ingrown toenail, and my breathing virus is back (woo).  It's ok, at least I got ways to help all of them. It was a way good Zone Conference though. It was great to see everyone. There were three zones there so I saw a bunch of people that I hadn't seen for a while. It was my short farewell for Elder Hollister. He gave me a box of stuff that had a Captain Moroni figure, a picture that is desired around the mission, some candy, a nice letter, and a special binder only the mission home has, (but now I do too) haha.  I was pretty sad, but I'll be seeing him a lot back at home. 

We had to stay in Hamamatsu that night because we wouldv'e gotten back too late. So that was also fun. That whole trip made the rest of the week way tiring.  But Numazu didn't help out. They had a baptism planned for yesterday and they were going to try to change the date, but I had a strong feeling it needed to happen yesterday. I told them all my thoughts and I got chewed out pretty bad by both. I was getting super angry, but I have learned new ways to handle and work patience out here. They finally agreed, then the night before they told me the inestogator needed permission and had a Word of Wisdom problem. I told them that those were problems that needed to be fixed earlier and he might not be able to get baptized. I got chewed out even more. So bad, that the Zone Leaders and APs called and told them to calm down. Man I hate drama.

Some guy came to church with a huge cross necklace and some pillow wings on his back and said he was the archangel. Then he came and introduced himself to me and said his name was Abraham Lincoln. I straight-up said no to him. He tried to fight back. So I asked him if he had ever been to America, he said he wants to go to the White House in New York. I told him it was in DC, he still tried to fight back. I just simply said 'look, I'm American, don't question what I know'.  I shut up haha, then he told me all the presidents and I just kinda walked away haha. Weirdest guy I have ever met. It all just comes down to AMERICA IS THE BEST!

Well that's my normal/crazy week. I'm glad to hear everything at home is great. I love you all! Thanks a ton for the package, it has everything in there I miss and will make me fat again haha.  I love it!

Love, Elder Parry

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