Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Small Prompting

May 20, 2012

Sounds like an awesome week! Be sure to tell the Holmgrens hi from me too. And also tell Isaac HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i hope you have a great day. Just think, next year you'll get the Priesthood and I'll be coming home soon. I love you little/big guy. Take care and keep being a stud. I actually had a similar dream as Dad, well except I saw Thomas and Junior sitting in the play room together watching some TV. That was a few weeks back. Does Dad know the name Ishikaza, or Ishikawa, or Ishizawa?  Does that sound familiar? We went to a house last night for dinner and she said told me to look for Dad in a picture.  I found Dad in the picture from his mission. It's a picture of the whole mission. She was a sister missionary, then she came back and worked in the mission home with the Broadheads. Crazy stuff, small world. She worked in Fukutoku for a while too.

Now on to the week. Talk about following the Spirit, I had a feeling we needed to do an exchange on Tuesday, during study so I called the other elders and asked if I could go to their area for an exchange. It happened and I met this way nice Buddhist monk and we talked about the history of the Book of Mormon. I was able to help the other elder out who is going through some changes to become a better missionary. When the Fuji elders called to update, they said they met with three investigators, one we haven't met with for over two months who said he wants to get baptized! They had such an amazing day. The other investigator was way happy and they talked for about an hour. Crazy, just a small feeling during study time.

That 15-year-old girl came back to Eikaiwa. She became a new investigator wooot!.  Haha we visited a Peruvian family in the ward and they invited us in for dinner. Oh man, I envy the elders in South America. I miss that kind of food. Oh well, I would probably still be fat haha.

Saturday was a bust.  We rode our bikes like 45 kilometers and no one was home. We did meet with Tomiko and had a way good lesson about Moroni's promise. She then came to church and had a not so good lesson. She just chatted for an hour and a half and couldn't pay attention. It's tough, finally when something good happens, something else has to happen. Dang you Satan. I just realized that my ward has the goofiest people in the world. We made a list of goofy people and made the president and all his minions. Haha.

Well that was my week. Pretty good. We also found another new investigator, Chinese, way nice. Pretty awesome. It's about time. I get to go to Nagoya this week for Zone Conference. I get to stay in Toyota for the night with Elders Hilyard and Bardzinski. Then I get to see Elder Hollister for the last time. Dang. Carry on.

Elder Parry

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