Sunday, July 1, 2012

An Old Friend of the Original Elder Parry

July 1, 2012
I'm so happy you were able to meet Sister Baird! Those pictures make me so happy. This week was a crazy one. It was a lot of fun, but it was difficult in a certain way. First off, Elder Jessop and I are cigarette patrol on Tuesdays. We go to a hospital and clean up all the butts that lay around. Haha, it's way fun, we do such an amazing job cleaning up those butts and patrolling.

So I have a really cool story that I think dad is going to love. We went to Nagano to help this member from near the mission home move a dryer into the sister apartment. He told me he was from the Fukutoku Ward. I told him my dad served there about 26 years ago and when he figured out my name, he was so happy. His name is Mizuno Kyodai. He said he went on splits a lot with Dad. He was getting very emotional as he was talking about it. He said I look like Dad but my body shape is quite different, haha go figure. It was a really awesome experience. He said he wants to meet dad next year.

From there, I did an exchange with a bean from Ueda. it was pretty good, nothing too exciting happened. I went on another exchange and I went to Ina and was there with.......Elder Dinkel. It was a lot better than the MTC. He is still intense and has some of the same characteristics, but I feel like I have grown and am able to handle him better. I guess it is easier to do it for a day. It wasn't too bad though. We went straight from there to the Homestay program in Matsumoto. It was so fun!!! We got to talk and help all the kids with English. I did a 30 minute presentation about Salt Lake City and I didn't get homesick at all! When we had lunch, there was a potato salad that had a ton of carrots. Elder Jessop turned to me and said, 'eat it quick so I can stab you (with the shot)'. Haha, at least he knows what to do. We got to learn the Matsumoto bon bon!!! They were practicing because they are doing it in the 24th of July parade. Look for them! One of the girls I have been helping a lot was way funny. Whe kept clapping in our faces and speaking all this funny English to us. It was way fun.

So we went to our last appointment with Li. It was so sad. She is going back to China for a month. I will see her again, but Elder Jessop is out of luck. On the way, I got pooped on the head by a bird....he had a nice shot. I was riding my bike and it was windy so I will give him props. But still, dumb bird.  

We had a way good lesson with a Philippina last Saturday. She prayed in Tagolog and she said 'amon' which is god, but Elder Jessop and I thought it was 'amen' and we both ended it. Haha, her face looked so confused, it was so funny and embarrassing. Whe just finished the prayer and we all had a nice laugh.

Things were good. The exchanges ruined a lot of plans. It is hard to have to move everything around. I don't like doing them anymore. We did have a great dinner last night with the old couple missionaries and that was fun too. I love being here. I love you guys very much! Happy very belated Father's Day Dad!!!

Elder Parry

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