Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Thing I Didn't Go To Brazil

August 12, 2012

If it is possible, I would like to stop in Hong Kong and see Grandma and Grandpa for a few days on the way home. We can take out a few days here in Japan to go see them. B-Ski isn't too excited to go home. We are just working together and trying to do our best. It's been a really fun transfer. First off, I got the letter about the family trip. Sounds like it was way fun! I LOVED Jake's goatee. It looks legit, I miss having one. I heard you have to promise to stay clean shaven when we go home. That is a promise that I honestly don't think I can keep.

This week was fun. I got to go on an exchange with Elder Ellsworth! It was way fun. We got Indo-curry, visited Nancy, did some housing, and visited a Filipina less-active. It was way fun, I love Elder Ellsworth.
We met with that investigator that found us five times this past week. She is doing super well. She came to church yesterday and had a way good time. We have talked to her a lot about baptism and she has a very good chance of getting baptized within these next two weeks. It's way awesome to finally see an investigator like this after such a long time.

We had Zone Conference in Nagoya on Friday, so we went and stayed in Gokiso the night before. Elder Hiruta is there. It was way fun, and a lot hotter than up here. We wrestled for about an hour and a half. The Zone Conference was pretty good. The mission home people were pretty stressed out and a little on edge, so it was a little bit tough, but it was still really good. We had to give a training and I thought it went really well. We taught how to have better morning studies and planning ahead of time. It went really well. We got to go down to Nagoya and come back with our whole zone.  I love our little zone.

We had a young single adults activity at the church where we made these picture frames, then our Brazilian member had a BBQ. I love Brazilian cooked meat. It was so good. He didn't get to eat that much because he was cooking, so he went and got more and invited us to come and have some more after haha. It was way good again. Good thing I didn't go to Brazil on my mission, I would just get bigger and bigger.

This week was good, a lot of unexpected stresses, but that's the mission. It was a fun week altogether! I love you all. Just so you know, I am on my last vile of drops. Good luck to everyone startin' up sports and gettin' ready for school!

Elder ShortBoob

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