Sunday, August 5, 2012

MTC Group Reunited

August 5, 2012

Sam isn't playing football?! That surprised me. It's OK, Ill be back for the next time he steps onto the field. Sounds like you guys had a great time, I'm super jealous. I wouldv'e liked a few ball games here and there. It's OK though. I'm really happy for all of you though.

This was a good week in the books. We had quite the day on Tuesday. Elder DeMille and I went on an exchange and it was a full day of service. We did our usual service at the hospital and picked up cigarette butts. Then we went to Nancy's and weeded her yard. It took ALL day. It was way fun. She grilled us some guacamole burgers after and had a mini BBQ. I had a watermelon fight with Karen. It was a way fun day.

The next day was adventurous, trains only come like once an hour here. It's a huge pain. We accidentally got on the wrong one and went north on an express. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere. Haha, then we finally made it back like 10 minutes before Eikaiwa.

We had Leadership Training in Nagoya! We had five people at our apartment the night before then we all went down together. It was pretty fun. The training was the best! Everyone was super laid back and I just loved it! Everyone from my MTC group was there together for the first time since we came to Japan. Then we had Zone Leader Council after and everyone was super funny and laid back there too. It was the best training I have been to since coming to Japan. It got out over an hour late, so we went to dinner with Hiruta and his companion, then we stayed in Toyota for the night. It was way fun.

Guess what? I got letters from Ito Kan and Mariko!!! Those I baptized in Kasugai. I was SOOOO happy! She loved meeting Dad and they said they would love to meet us again. Kan is preparing to serve a mission! So happy.

We went to the Matsumoto Bon Bon on Saturday. It was way cool. There were thousands and thousands of people getting drunk and dancing in the streets. It was pretty fun. We went with two less actives and I think it was really good for them.

Cool story to end this, we were randomly at the church and the phone rang. This woman lived in LA for 6 years, speaks perfect English, and wants to learn about Christianity! It was way cool. We met her yesterday and she is prepared! She has no job and can meet all the time. I'm super stoked for what could happen with this. God is good.

I love you all, things are good up in here! I love it here, hit the 14 month mark last week. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME!

Elder Parry

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