Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baptism Coming Up!

August 26, 2012

            Well hello from the wonderful area of...Kariya! Haha, I am here for the night because I dropped off B-ski in Nagoya. Let me start off with that story, it was the bomb coming down. We got to the train station in Matsumoto and realized we missed the train, so Nancy and her son and Karen were gonna take us to the next transfer station in the car. We got close and the son turns around to Nancy and says, 'let's go to Nagoya'!  Hahaha, so we rode the whole way down with them in the car. It was WAY fun hahaha. And my new companion is Elder Kusume! He is a way cool guy, he is a Japanese elder from Tokyo. He is actually coming from being companions with Elder Ashcroft. I have met him a bunch and he is a really cool guy. But as your week was, mine was very busy and crazy too.

            I'll start off with Miki.  We taught her a bunch this week. And Roberto took us to an ashiyu (a Japanese public bath where people can soak their feet) with her too. All the lessons were super good. After the 10 Commandment lesson, I felt the power of the Spirit so strong, we invited her to be baptized on September 23 and she accepted!!!  I'm so excited for her. She still needs a testimony about Prophets, but she is lookin' pretty solid. I'm way excited for her.

            So I had a fun exchange this week. I felt like the theme of this week was 'Let's cancel all the appointments on the elders'.  And people did a really good job with it too. Haha, we were able to still do a good amount. B-ski was super trunky, and wasn't at all like Jessop. It was kinda tough, but I'm happy to be moving onto a new transfer.

             Miki actually came to the District meeting and had a way good experience. She was crying at the end of the demonstration. Then after we went with the Filipina member and got the Halo Halo again. It wasn't as fun as before, but it was still the bomb. They took us out and got some Brazilian food. Can't complain.

            Two cool experiences. I was talking to a member and he said he served in Sendai so many years ago and I asked him if he knew Frank Lemon.  He said he still talks to him on Facebook a lot. He asked if I knew Ben! It was way cool, he got so happy. I showed him some pictures. Then the next day, I was translating for an American member and we got off topic and she told me about her cousin at BYU and I figured out she was in my FHE family at school and her roommate was Sara! This world is too small. It was really cool though. I loved having these cool experiences.

            Finally, by bike got destroyed, going up a hill like the whole gear section broke off. I had to walk everywhere that day and it was not a cool day. I have to ride one of those mamacharis (little girl bike) I had in Kasugai for like two weeks. WOO!  So that's exciting. That was my exciting week. I'm really excited for this next transfer. Elder Kusume actually goes home in two transfer, so yes that means three in a row. Haha I love you all a ton. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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