Sunday, August 19, 2012

Li is Back

August 19, 2012

            Nancy JUST called and was excited to see a note from you on Facebook. I made that last week for her and she is addicted to it. She has called us several times this week telling us that she barely got any sleep because she was messaging people all, haha it's super funny. I'm glad you two are friends now though, she was pretty excited. That's so cool Jake is down at BYU now! Tell him to look under the desk! I marked my territory under the desk, I think he will appreciate it.

            So this week was an interesting one that ended way good. Li came back from China! I was so excited to see her. She had a tough time in China and coming back. She had felt a bit depressed and we just tried to help her in the lesson. She came out of it super happy and asking us when we can meet again. She also asked if there are places in China to take the sacrament. Hopefully after a few more weeks, she will want to get baptized! Speaking of that, we invited Miki to be baptized this week. She said she definitely would, she just doesn't know a date. So that was good.

            Hit my year mark in Japan on Thursday! Celebrated good, Nancy made us a bunch of Mexican food. Man it was so good. She can cook some slammin' food. We set a goal date for her to go to the temple and get her temple recommend! I hope I'm still here for all of that. I'm so excited!

            We had a Zone Training Meeting. It was a lot of fun. I had to teach most of it. It didn't go as planned, like the APs coming. They had a super stressful week. There were two emergency transfers because a missionary got up in the night, packed up, and got on a plane home. Then he ran away with his girlfriend. Crazy stuff. Then another Elder went home. I have a lot more respect for people in the mission home. I bet it is super stressful.

            There were some bad thunder and lightning storms this week. A couple of them kept us in the apartment. It got really bad though.

             Best part of the week, yesterday we got kidnapped by Roberto. At church he told us to go home and change and he would pick us up. He took us and a bunch of members to a park and had a huge Brazilian BBQ. SOOOO GOOOD! It was way fun just being with them all. Then after everyone left, he turned to me and said, 'let's go to the mountains' so he took us to a hiking trail that overlooked all of Matsumoto. It was so cool! It was way fun. It was pitch black coming down and I think some animals were chasing us. It was quite the adventure.

            This was a good week. Thanks for the package! I gave Nancy some of the Sprees and she was going crazy. She and Karen wanna go out for dinner when you come to pick me up. Then Roberto wants to kidnap all of us and take us to a mountain. I for sure wanna come here. Life is good, God is good. I love you all!

Elder 'Da Bomb' Parry

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