Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baptism Fell Through

September 16, 2012

Wait why won't BYU play Utah for 3-4 years? I'll never get to see a BYU and Utah game until I'm like a senior. That's crazy. Well, this week was....I don't know? I'll explain and let you make the judgment.

Well first, Miki went from being 99% in the water, to wanting to become a Protestant in a matter of like a day. I really don't understand what is going on. She talked to her Protestant friend from America and when we had a lesson, she just brought up all these concerns. It was ridiculous, we had a way good member come and help teach, we answered all her questions perfectly (which we have answered a thousand times already) and she said 'I know it's true, I don't wanna leave the people and I don't wanna leave. I just need time and wanna study Protestant.' She went to their church yesterday and our American member went with her and tried to help. Apparently Miki loved it. She has just been so stubborn and is influenced by others way too easily. We seriously don't know what happened or what to do. We worked a lot this week to try and help her get ready and do all that was necessary. She is literally turning her back right now.

Let's talk about the good now, we taught seven lessons on Wednesday haha.  I was so tired at the end. Then we rode our bikes 25 kilometers to visit a less active. That was so far. And it was in the middle of nowhere. They said they love the gospel but hate the members. Welcome to drama in Matsumoto.

We had a campfire on Saturday night with some members. It was so fun! Nancy and her whole family came, and Roberto was there. We BBQ'd, played games, and had a really cool spiritual message at the end. It was super fun. Then Karen had her model debut last night, so we went and watched the photo shoot. It was really fun and cool to see. The photo guy is supposedly famous. He has photographed Lady Gaga before and he showed us the dress he made for her. It was nuts. Something like 30,000 dollars.

So that was my week. I don't really know and understand a lot about it. But it was a good one. I love you all and miss ya a ton! I'm way glad everything is going so well back home.

It's the Boob!

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