Sunday, September 23, 2012

Li Accepted Baptism!

September 23, 2012

Ya, Ellsworth called this morning to do our weekly reports and he told me my whole flight itinerary. Guess we aren't going to Hong Kong eh? That's fine, it should still be pretty fun. About the Tokyo temple, I actually got Nancy and Karen (not just Nancy, but KAREN) to set goals to go to the temple. Nancy's is earlier, but Karen wants her goal to be when I go home and I can baptize her at the Tokyo Temple. That would be way awesome. Sounds like things are good. That's way cool Caroline and Houston are going together. That sounds like it would be so much fun. And Jake sounds like Jake. Hang in there Sam and Isaac.

So yes, there was an emergency transfer. It was quite big too, it involved over 20 missionaries and 9 areas. Luckily, I was not involved. But one of our zone areas got whitewashed. Two new missionaries came in. It has been crazy trying to help get things settled down and just for President and the APs.

So we got kidnapped this week....several times. First was on Monday. We had no plans for Pday and Nancy called us and said 'we are on the way to your apartment, we are going to an ashiyu' so we did haha it was beautiful. After, we went to a park and played tag and hide-and-go-seek. It was a way fun day. Then on Wednesday, Roberto called and asked for a blessing. We gave him a blessing and then said 'hey lets go play basketball' so we did haha. Then we did a little rock climbing on a wall. THEN, on Friday, we went to Karen's rehearsal and after, they took us to ramen and another ashiyu. Kidnapping occurs often in Matsumoto. But it is a very good thing.

We had a solid lesson with Li this week, she accepted a baptismal date! It's on October 28. Some more time, but she is solid and just needs her testimony strengthened a little more. I think this will be enough time for her to come to understand why it is really for her.

On Waturday, we went to an undokai with a Filipina member and her son. It was pretty fun. All these little kids were trying to talk to me, it was funny. That day was tough thought, I had no self motivation. I prayed and prayed for help. Then at night, we visited this potential and he was lovin it! He told us to come back again next week. God does answer prayers and it was a well needed one.

So I gave a talk yesterday and cracked a joke and everyone was laughing. It was solid. They asked me to go from a 5 minute testimony to a 20 minute talk right before. I just said that might not happen, it lasted 7 minutes haha. Then after church, we had a gyoza party for Hiromi's birthday. We made them from scratch. It was way fun and way good.

I really REALLY don't wanna leave here in two weeks. I don't think I will. Pray that I don't. I do every time I pray. I love this area, I could be here til I die. I'm doin' my best, lovin' life, and havin' fun. Not much more you need. I LOVE YOU ALL


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