Sunday, September 30, 2012


September 30, 2012

Good thing you asked about the package because I have a request: could you send me some of those teeth whitener strips? Hope that won't be too difficult. And second, Dad, you sent me mine and Jake's credit card, what am I supposed to do with his? And could you ask Jake to send me Coach Johnsons address? I think that is all for my onegais (favors) this week. Happy late birthday Caroline!
WE had a pretty fun week. It started off with Karen's model show on Monday. Nancy told me that you saw some of her pictures on Facebook. It was quite the event. They had all the models sit in front of everyone and they had their make up and hair done in front of everyone in like 45 minutes. Then they did their little walks on the stage and that was it. They had a different model/fashion show for like different events. That one was super weird. But in the end, Karen got second place and she gets to go to Tokyo next month! It was way exciting. Then after, her manager asked Karen if he could take them out to dinner. They were our ride so I felt bad intruding. So Karen asked if it was ok if her 'older brother' could come, and the manager said 'well they are family right' haha so we went to this yaki niku place that was super expensive (60 bucks a person) and way good. I had horse meat for the first time. Fun day.

WE did an exchange with the APs. Nothing special really happened. I went with Ellsworth again. WE did visit a solid potential investigator that I had found a week earlier only to find out she is a less-active haha.

Remember how I told you Matsumoto is good with surprises? Well, Roberto called us and asked us to wear regular clothing and meet him at this place called Sky Park. So we did, he then told us to drink a lot of water and stretch. I'm confused at this moment, what is this Brazilian gonna do with us? Then the answer came....'let's go running' we ran 10 KILOMETERS with him. That's like 6 miles! Have I ever done that before? Never. Did I finish? You betcha. It was fun and my legs are still a bit sore. He wants to go again this week....before you know it I'll run a marathon.

We played soccer on Saturday with two of our investigators. It was pretty fun. I'm the man haha just kidding but I was a lot better than I remembered. And I forgot regular clothing and did it in my church stuff. After that was when the typhoon started. On Sunday, we needed to help two people move, with the rain it wasn't the funnest thing ever. The first place we were almost useless. The second was helping Nancy's son and we were stuck up there for a bit because the rain was comin down too hard. Eventually, we rode in the back of his moving truck and got back home dry.

That's another episode of a week in Matsumoto. I love it here, I love you guys. Thanks for all the support and prayers. I am officially 2/3 of the way done as of today. My! My! Time flies. (I thought I would leave you with a little of my girl Enya)

jya ne, Elder PArry

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