Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Companion: Elder Kusume

September 2, 2012

Thanks for the awesome email! I got really happy to hear about all the people that said hello. I miss them all a bunch too. I will give them all a big hug when I get back.
Well, week one was a pretty great one. Elder Kusume is the man. He is so fun and funny, he is like a Nihonjin version of Ashcroft. It is way fun. He is an excellent teacher and is helping me a bunch as a missionary and with the language.
As you know, last week I got to stay in Kariya, so I went to my favorite Indian curry place then I went and visited....SEFA!  Haha we were both way happy to see each other. He still called me his little Samoan!  It was way fun and so great to see him. I realized I missed Kariya a lot more than I thought I did. He took us out to get some ice cream. It was a lot of fun.

The clock was fun (on transfer day, the missionaries all come into Nagoya and meet at the clock in the Nagoya Eki--train station, get their new companions and then head back out from the train station to their various areas). I loved seeing a bunch of friends that I love. DTM (district meeting) was excellent this week too. We are learning about Christ-like Attributes now. It is great. The new Shimai (sister) is a half from Okinawa but lived in St George for a while. She is way cool and I'm excited to be in her district. They actually got stuck on the train for like six hours and got back at around 1100, it was raining crazy hard. And that day, Karen had to go to the hospital and we went and gave her a blessing and just stayed to help comfort them. She had three  kids go to the hospital this week and her son is getting divorced. Kind of a crazy week.
Miki moved her baptism date up a week! WE are going for September 16! I am way excited and she is so prepared.  At church yesterday, I was sitting there and couldn't sit still. I just wanted to bare my testimony. I got up and just bore a simple one on the love and importance of this gospel. It was really cool.

Roberto called after church and asked if we wanted to get kidnapped. He took us to Suwa and we watched fireworks over the lake. It was sooo cool. It was way fun too. He and his wife are way strong people and I love to be with them. I love Matsumoto. With Kusume being here, I think I will be here until at least Christmas!!! Booya, I love you all, tell everyone I say hi and I love them too. Enjoy the cabin! You really are the best and miss y'all a bunch. Got nine months left, eeek!

the Boob

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