Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pikachu Costume

November 4, 2012

Dear my Beloved Family,

Don't worry about too much in the Christmas package, use the money for when you come and pick me up and stuff when I get home. I actually have a pretty big announcement to make. Sit down please, I was already sitting I'm not pregnant haha.  With all the new mission changes and new programs at the MTC, to get everything aligned, everyone going home AFTER March 12 goes home two weeks therefore, my mission ends on June 4th instead of the 18th. There hasn't been an official announcement, but Ellsworth told me to hurry and let you know with all the tickets and stuff. Another side announcement, I'm down to a solid 182 pounds! Haha.

This week was pretty interesting. It has been SOOO cold too. We are having December weather now. We met with some guy on Monday from another Christian church and we talked about the differences and just a lot of random things about Christianity.

We went on a hike to see these way cool and pretty shrines. It was a lot of fun. All the leaves were changing. I know exatly what you were saying when you said I didn't know nature until I came to Japan. It's so true, so beautiful and awesome.

We had a slammin' Halloween party! I did ALL the planning and it ended up a solid success. We had a bunch of treats, played a bunch of games, and just had a good time. I went in a big Pikachu costume haha, I'll send you some pictures. We had a way awesome lesson with Li before the party. Roberto helped us out and he told of his conversion story and Li said that he answered all her questions and concerns. She is looking really good to get baptized. She took us out for Chinese food the next night. It was way fun. I have come to love spicy food out here on the mission. I was eating it by the spoonfuls.

We did an exchange with the APs this past week. It was a way good one. I got to go with Elder Ito and we visited some people and froze our butts off. We then played soccer the next day with our two kid investigators. We lost our second ball in the trees. We tried for an hour to get it but failed. Go figure haha.

We met with two investigators we hadn't met in a while yesterday. One of them, I taught about eternal families and it was one of my better lessons. I just was able to realize all that I have and was so grateful and powerful in all I said.

Things are great here. So much is going on. Roberto asked me if he could take us on a hike when I come and visit! To be honest, I would like to spend 3-4 days here in Matsumoto when we visit. He wants to take us up the mountain to a lake, sleep over night, and hike down the next day. So awesome! I love you all! Remember Remember, the 5th of November...

Long live the legacy of the BOOOOB

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