Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hiruta Choro

Hello from Ina!

I'm just in Ina for the day with my boys Romero and Rocha. Sent off Elder Kusume this morning by himself. That was such a fun two transfers with him. I loved it so much. Well as for my next companion...HIRUTA!!! I'm so stoked! He was in my apartment in Kariya.  I'm so excited. And heck, don't talk about me leaving, I still have at least six weeks (in Matsumoto). Take it easy.

We had a full-packed week of crazy stuff. We did our normal running last Monday with Roberto. This is going well with him. Then we went on two exchanges this week. I went on one in Suwa with Kobayashi. He is so funny, we had a way good time. Then the next day, I went straight to Ueda and picked up Wilcox. We had a blast. Those two exchanges were way fun and I got a lot of things done and talked about a lot of things that were so good.

Well, we had a Thanksgiving party at the church. It started out a disaster. I was playing catch with Chiki and the ball went off her glove and hit a car on the way by....the guy was a huge jerk about it too. He just stood there with this stupid face looking at me and asking what he should do. I told him to go get it checked or have me buy some wipes to wipe it off. I was just super angry with the way he acted. So he left and came back and told me it was around $700. I was so angry. It was the smallest little mark with no bump or scratch. But because he drives a homo car (Toyota Prius) they have to replace the door. Chiaki worked her magic and got it down to $300. So I will have to pay for that. I just hate people like that and lost respect for Japanese. But it got better! We had the Ueda and Suwa elders come and we had a slamming Thanksgiving party with Nancy Karen and Chiaki. It was so fun and so good. We used some of the food that you sent in the package!

We had just a packed week of visits and dinners and parties and rain. We had all the elders stay over Saturday night for district conference and we had such a good time. I love this zone! I'm sad that Demille left, he is the only elder leaving besides Kussie. But I'm way excited for this next transfer still. Thanksgiving and Christmas, wassup!  I can't stay on too long, just wanted to say I love you and things are good here in Matsumoto!!!!

Elder Parry

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