Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25, 2012

You met Soliai! Haha, I was super surprised when I saw that picture! Haha, I'm so glad you got to meet him, he was such a great missionary and friend. That's way cool though. I wanna apologize for getting my package, that includes my Christmas card, off so late. Things got super crazy and busy having Kussie die and just with all the normal missionary things happening. I just sent it off so hopefully it will arrive next week. There is a bunch of my crap I don't wanna have to haul around and stuff for Christmas.  It's kind of light, sorry. I hope you enjoy it!

This week was pretty good to say the least. I stayed in Ina when Kussie died for the day and hung out with the two Latino missionaries down there haha.

I have a really cool experience. We had an all mission conference last Tuesday. On the train ride down, I was emailing Chiaki and she mentioned to me she wanted to quit smoking after eight years and really wanted my help. I promised her I would be with her every step of the way. That was the first miracle. The second, the mission conference was about overcoming addictions and behaviors. It was an amazing conference too. The first thing President said was, "I still wonder why we are doing an all mission conference, but I do know that everyone in this room has something that they need help for and this will be the answer to your prayers." It was amazing and I just felt so at peace and warm the whole time. He gave us this challenge to do every day for the next 90 days during our studies. I have followed it and have already felt more love and peace. The next day, Chiaki came over to help me with the car stuff from last week (that I hit with a baseball) and I talked to her about quitting. We talked about the blessings of quitting, her factors, and other things. We set goals to go down one every day (she smokes 20 a day). I told her I wouldn't drink hot chocolate til the end of the year. I've never wanted hot chocolate more in my life, but I'll do it for her.

The rest of the week ran together. We had a solid eikaiwa (English class) and I got picked on the whole time. My students were joking around with me. It was fun, except when they were criticizing me for not knowing how different grammar structures and words are used....Japanese people. Then Thursday was a day of service! We did our hospital service and then went up to Nancy's and cleaned up her yard. Then I made a feast with all the food you sent. It was way good. Thanks a bunch. Elder Hiruta was way excited. It's funny, I will spent both Thanksgivings, Christmas, and New Year's with him in the mission!

We had an interesting visit with a less active who just married a handicapped girl. There isn't much more need for explanation haha, then we had a feast at the Matsuhashis house and had a little FHE.

After an over three-hour bike ride there and back on Saturday, I had a pretty solid Sunday. With this challenge from President, as I took the sacrament yesterday and I really understood the meaning it has for me. It was the greatest feeling I have had while taking the sacrament.

The night had a disappointing moment. I watched Karen smoke a cigarette. It broke my heart. I just gave her a blessing this last week to help her overcome it. I finally just sat down with her and made goals with her too. And now for her, I'm not drinking soda til the end of the year for her. I really would just do anything for that family. It's hard when you are doing your best then crap is thrown at you from Satan's evil monkeys. I guess I can say I have come to love people here as I do with my family and friends back home.

Things are good. This was a good week. Life is good, God is good. That's about it for the Boob's report!

Well, you know,

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