Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mad Love For President Baird

November 11, 2012


Well, seems like the Parrys had great weeks in completely different countries. That video was so funny (Isaac getting his rat tail cut off after his championship game). That's way awesome that he won again! I remember being there for that first one. I was at the Honbu with President Baird when we found out Obama won. He wasn't very happy.  I don't know though, people here in Japan were very sad too though.

As I said, this was a great week. I actually had the lowest stats I think I have had on the mission, but we were all over the place. We went to two ashiyus on Monday which was great. Then on Tuesday, we found out that one of my former companions was going home early and the Honbu wanted support there for him when he left. So we went down to Nagoya on Tuesday and for support and stayed the night. There were nine elders in the honbu that night. I was up kinda late having pillow talk with Elder Ashcroft. But we had Zone Leader council the next day. It went pretty well. I sat with President Baird at lunch and we had a long great talk about Matsumoto, drama, and sports. I love that man so much. I started crying when I talked to him too and he got teary eyed. One of those talks.

So we went running with Roberto again. It was a great run. I feel bad, I think he has some problems and drama in his life and I am just at the point of not knowing what to do here. There was more drama at church too and Karen finally came and got chewed out for having something. I wasn't the happiest guy around at church. I just don't know anymore, I don't leave church feeling relaxed and uplifted, I feel stressed and tired. Just the things some people do.

We had a great Zone Training Meeting. The training went pretty short, then we did a testimony meeting and a prediction meeting about transfers. It was a really good and spiritual meeting. I then went on an exchange after with Okajima to Suwa. I have now been to all the apartments and churches in this zone. Oh ya. It was a pretty good exchange, he talks so much though. I couldn't get him to stop talking for the longest time. When we met up the next day, we met at a station that has an ashiyu and went out and got lunch. On the train ride back to Matsumoto, I saw Mount Fuji!!! It was so cool. Looked as good as ever.

Well, church was church. Like I said earlier. We went to the model place for Karen and saw all the people from before. I felt so relaxed and at ease there. Like church should feel. Then Roberto called us to have dinner. WE went over and he cooked Brazilian food for us. It was way fun and way good. We are going running with him again tonight. Things are good here in Matsumoto. This is Elder Kusume's last week. We have a pretty busy and fun week ahead of us. Can't complain :)

Love you all! Elder Boob

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