Sunday, January 13, 2013

Speaking Portuguese

January 13, 2013


Sorry this is a late email today, we did our mochi tsuki (smash rice with a hammer and make a soft Japanese food) and it went long and we have just been all over today. I'm emailing from Arisawa's computer right now at a different member's apartment. So that explains why this is late.

Well, I can't think of a whole lot that happened this week either to be honest. On Tuesday, we were over an hour away from our apartment when it started to get really windy and rain super hard and I had nothing to keep me dry. So that was fun haha. To be honest, the biggest challenge I have had here so far is just always being around Brazilians. I love them, but only a few of them can speak any Japanese, I never know what is going on, they don't completely understand all of the missionary rules, and I just can't really connect with them as well. We have a way solid family that I think could get baptized in the next month or two, but they don't speak a lick of Japanese and now I just read a prayer off in Portuguese. It's harder for me to adjust, cuz I don't understand anything haha,

Well, we had our zone training, the first time I didn't have to plan and do it. But Ashcroft is my zone leader and he made me participate a lot. So it was pretty fun. I then went on an exchange to Toyama for the day. It was pretty fun too I guess. I'm trying to help this district get more genki and happy and have some more fun. Kind of a dead feeling haha.

I just wanna end this with some love for Jake. I'm sorry if you are asleep and don't see this until tomorrow, but I wanted to send some love to ya. You are gonna be such an amazing missionary. I know I won't see you in five months like the rest of the family, but these next two years will for sure fly by. Don't let a moment slip. You can email me every week at this email and I will reply to ya! Hang in there, the first 3 or 4 days are the toughest, I know you are tougher. I love you and miss you a ton, but I am so happy for you. You will be such a better missionary than I am right now. As I always say: Life is good, God is good, go big or go home. Te amo, ai shite iru yo!

I love the others too, but for now, peace

Elder Evan Boob Parry


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